Jan 26, 2012

Clay Colors for Full Nativity

I thought I'd very quickly address the following question....

"I am so excite to try this!  Thank you so much for sharing.  I do have a question - I will need to order the clay online because it isn't sold locally.  Is there any way you can share the list of colors for all 12 figures so I can place one order and save on shipping?"  - Michelle

Jan 24, 2012

Nativity Tutorial - Wiseman 1

Ok, are you ready?  I am.  Here is the first of several tutorials for the clay nativity set.  I'm starting with a Wiseman.   Now, I must admit, the people in the set are all pretty much made the same.  Same bodies, heads and arms so once you know how to make one, you can probably figure out the rest.  However, the differences are in the details so I will still share each piece as a different tutorial.

Jan 20, 2012

Nativity Club Tutorials

I've had a lot of requests for a tutorial on my Nativity set. Well, what's that they say... "ask and ye shall receive." I do realize it's a little late in the month for those of you who are doing your own Nativity Club, however, it's better late than never. Right?

Here's the deal though. These aren't hard to make but they take some patience and commitment which means they also take a lot of time. So, instead of giving you one big giant tutorial on all 12 pieces at once, I'll be breaking it down and doing one piece a month. I think that will be more manageable for me and less overwhelming for you. I'll put the first tutorial up within the next couple of days and then each month, I'll post them at the first of the month. Sound good?

Ok! So who's in?

P.S. if you are new here you can read about them HERE and then the follow up Q&A HERE

Jan 18, 2012

Knee Deep In the Hoopla!

Anyone else remember that album?  Starship came out with it in, I think, 1985.  I wasn't very old then, just barely a teenager but boy I thought Starship was pretty dang cool.  I think I still know every word to "We Built This City."  Oh ya, back to my point, Starship wasn't really what I wanted to share, I just thought of them because I feel like I'm knee deep in somethin'!  Hoopla?  Maybe.  Something else?  Yep. A mess to be exact.  I'm not a clean crafter and have paper and piles spread everywhere right now.

I'm preparing for a church event that is tomorrow and am currently working on these:

If you are new here, you can read about them and get the tutorial on how to make them from just 1 - yep, ONE - sheet of 12x12 paper here.  Paper Baskets

Jan 16, 2012

I'm a Country Woman

So, I knew this was coming.  I answered their questions about two weeks ago but I wasn't sure when it would be posted.  I was kind of thinking February.  Needless to say, tonight when I opened the website I was very, very excited.  In fact, I was so excited that my husband and daughter are now making fun of me - I guess I kind of freaked out.  It's ok, I can take the teasing!

Thanks Country Woman Magazine for including me in your Blog & Crafter Highlight series and for showcasing a few of my creations.  What a great way for me to start my week!

Jan 14, 2012

Gear Heart Pendant Tutorial

Ok, here it is!
Your votes were tallied and here is the tutorial that you wanted to see first.  
Let's get started shall we?

Jan 10, 2012

A Fruity Valentine

So, I don't know about you but every once in awhile, usually around holidays and special occasions, I like to add little themed treats to my kids lunches.  However, our school has requested that all items be healthy.  Ummm, Hello!!!  That's not always easy.  I'm a sweet-treat kind of gal and to be honest, I really don't mind if my kids eat a piece of chocolate or a heart shaped rice crispy treat every now and again.  Anyway, in an effort to better support their request, this is one of the treats I'll be putting these in my kids lunches over the next few weeks.  Here's how you make it... it's easy!

Jan 9, 2012

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

Where in the heck did that saying even come from?  Anyway, no chicken dinner here but we do have two winners.

First, I've tallied the votes and it was close!  Remember you were voting for which item you'd like to see a tutorial on first.  I had two pieces that were neck and neck.  The Swirl Bracelet and the Steampunk Gear Heart.  But, one came out 1 vote ahead! 

drum roll please....

The tutorial you'd most like to see first is.....  The Steampunk Gear Heart!  I'll be posting the tutorial by the end of the week. 

The second part of this is, as promised, I took all the votes that came in before 11:59pm on Jan. 8th and did a random generator.  There were 96 votes and the lucky number is.......
Comment #15 - which was from AH, says -
"Ooooo...the swirl bracelet! I have been in love with that piece since you posted it."

I'm so excited to be passing along a piece of my jewelry.  Congrats to AH!!!!

AH- email me right away so I can send you your prize.

Ok, that was really fun for me.  I've never done a contest before.  However, now it's time to go back to regular crafting.  I've got a Valentine idea for you for tomorrow so be sure to come back.

Jan 8, 2012

Contest Update

There's only a few more hours to vote for which jewelry tutorial you'd like to see first.  Which also means there's only a few more hours for a chance to win a custom piece of jewelry as well.  The voting will end tonight at 11:59pm.  And, if you are new here and aren't sure what I'm talking about, here's all the details:  Vote and Win

In the meantime though, I've noticed several of you have mentioned that you'd like to see a tutorial on the word pendants.  Just a heads up, I've done a tutorial on them before.  You can see it here:  Word Pendants

Check back tomorrow to see the final vote and find out who wins!  

Jan 6, 2012

vote and win

Just a quick reminder, I'm still in search of votes from all my fabulous readers.  I get several emails asking me to show tutorials on how to make my jewelry but very rarely do they specify which piece.  So, the big question.... which piece would you like me to do a tutorial on first?

To vote, check out my jewelry items on my jewelry page, remember the name of the piece you like and then  go here and leave a comment telling me which tutorial you'd like to see.  By doing so you'll automatically be entered to win one of my jewelry pieces - you choose which item.  Cool, right?!  Hurry though, voting ends on Sunday, January 8th.

Jan 3, 2012

Valentine Ideas

I've been noticing Valentines things every where lately.  We are still weeks away but I guess it's never to early to start thinking ahead.  However, before I start posting my new Valentine projects I thought I'd revisit some of the favorites from last year.   These projects all have tutorials and are super easy to make.  Enjoy!



Brown Paper Hanging Hearts

Hershey Kiss Roses

OH, and don't forget to vote on which jewelry tutorial you'd like me to post next.  All votes/comments will be entered into a drawing for a custom made jewelry piece.  See the details here:  It's a New Year!  Wanna Win Something?

Jan 1, 2012

It's a New Year!!! Wanna win something???

Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe that it's 2012 already.   I swear it was just 1999 and everybody was freaking out over Y2K - remember?  Remember that?  Man, time flies.

I, for one, am welcoming in 2012 with wide open arms.  It's a new year, a time for new possibilities and new adventures.  Speaking of new adventures, this blog has been a great one for me.  It's becoming more than I ever thought it would and it's exciting to think about.  I have readers from all over and I THANK YOU all for following, commenting, and even emailing me every now and again.