Dec 16, 2011

Money Tree Gift

I've been getting a lot of responses and emails lately about my Money Trees.  If you are new here, I originally posted a tutorial on how to make them last Christmas.  Since then, I've been getting questions and comments about them, they are being pinned on Pinterest, and lately, I'm even seeing them recreated.  I love it.

Case in point, my friend, Emily, just sent me an email about the trees she and her daughters made for their teachers.  Here is a photo of hers, I love what she did....

She involved her kiddos by having them draw a picture.  Then Emily used that picture and placed in around the base of the tree.  She did this instead of using fabric to cover the can.  I think that is an awesome idea and I love that it incorporated the child's art work.

Emily also came up with a poem that she included so the teachers would know what the gift was.  I'm passing along the poem, with her permission, because I think others out there might be trying to come up with a teacher's gift and what Emily has done is really awesome. 

Money Tree  
by Emily Baldwin
We wondered what to get you, to put underneath your tree.
A gift card was an option, but not as crafty, you see.
We decided on a money tree, from Lydia to you.
A decoration before Christmas, but it's useful too.
We thought of you as we folded each bill and put it in it's place.
We hope you enjoy spending it and it put's a smile on your face.
We thank you for being a teacher and hope you've enjoyed this rhyme.
We appreciate you very much this Holiday and Christmas time.

Cute right?  Emily also placed her tree inside of cellophane wrap to complete the look of the gift.  She said the teachers loved it!

Thank Emily for sharing your creation!

If you are still looking for gift ideas there are two past tutorials on money trees.  You can see them here:
Money Tree 1 and Money Tree 2 They really do make fun gifts and add a unique twist on giving cash.