Dec 2, 2011

Christmas memories/home made decorations

Ok!  It's true, I'm a huge sap.  We pulled out our Christmas decorations this week and I've been walking down memory lane every since.  Do you do that?  Can you remember where all your ornaments came from?  I've thought about swapping out our decor for more polished items, you know, the kind that all coordinate, glimmer, and are beautiful.  I can't do it though.  I just can't.

When my girls pulled out these reindeer made from tracing our feet and hands, my heart almost skipped a beat and then I remembered why I love our hodge-podge of mixed decor - it's us!  It's our creations over time and they tell so many stories.

I've held onto these for 9 Christmases. That's a long time to keep little pieces of paper but aren't they cute? We made these way back in 2002.  My twins were just one, Miss M was 5 and we were poorer than poor just trying to get through grad school with three kids on one part time, minimum wage job.  All our decorations on our tree that year were homemade and most of them were made from paper.

I'm so glad I kept these and I'm also glad I had the right mind-set to put names and dates on them too.  My kids love to compare how much their hands and feet have grown and it's fun for them to re-discover their creations every year.

Seriously, what is cuter than a reindeer made from tracing a 1 yr olds feet?  Not much if you ask this mom.

Here's another example ..... what the heck is this?

I have no idea! But, I know that my daughter, who is now 10, is extremely proud of it. She made it just a few weeks ago.  Interestingly enough, on the same day that she made the creation above she also did this .....

All on her own!

I'm totally loving it too. It smells SOOO good. The pine cones are those cinnamon ones that you can buy for like $3 a pack. I had other plans for them but when I saw what she did, I knew her vision was better than mine. She even put up the berries too.

I love that in one afternoon I was able to see the changes that are taken place in her skills. Still very youthful and childlike but bordering on the tween age of being able to plan things out and create from a vision.

Yup, I wouldn't trade my miss-matched home-made decor for anything right now.   I love it all and the stories and memories it holds for me.  Plus, the visual reminder that my kids are growing and changing is pretty awesome too.  It helps me to embrace this time of year just a little more.  Reminds me to let go of the rushed craze, do more at home and to create opportunities to make things together.  It won't be long before these kiddos of mine will be celebrating Christmas in their own homes with kids of there own so I will love this time while I can. 

And, related to making things at home, I've been working on a family project that I can't wait to share.  It involves other people though so I can't share just yet ... it so hard to wait, I really want to share it with you all.

OH, and if you are still interested in buying some of my jewelry items, you still can.  I just moved the items to their own page.  You can find it near the blog header on the right side listed under "buy me - Then She Made Jewelry."