Oct 22, 2011

Then she made ... A friend!

I'm still trying to process exactly how important the title of this post really is to me.  And, I'm trying to figure out how exactly to share it with you so you know how significant it is too.  Because after all, it's about you, my dear readers, my new friends.

I opened my inbox the other day and found a message titled just that, "Then She Made ... A Friend".  My husband heard me kind of gasp and then turned around to see why.  He looked at me a little funny and asked why I had tears in my eyes.  (I get teary at a lot of things so he really shouldn't be surprised.)  I read him my message title and a few lines from the message.  "Wow" he said.  He really doesn't understand the whole blogging thing or why it's important to me but I think he gets it a little better now.

You know what? You guys are AWESOME!  I know several of you found me through links on other blogs, some of you found me through Pinterest and some of you have been with me since the beginning. But you stayed.  You comment.  You reach out.  You are my friends.   To you all, I say a big, giant....


Your comments and private emails to me have really meant a great deal.  We are all in this together right?  One crafty person to another.  The most recent responses came from my post titled "A Challenge to Become."  So many of you could relate and I appreciate so much you taking the time to tell me.  I really do have amazing blog readers.

So, to Clara, Barbara, and the many others, some even remained anonymous - THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  You lifted my spirits, helped my day and touched my heart.  May God bless you all.

Now, with that said,  can you all help me out one more time?  I'd love your feed back.

- What would you like see on this here little blog? 
- How do you feel about blog sponsors?
- Do like give-a-ways?

I don't want to be too commercial but I've had several businesses reach out to me and I'm trying to figure out which direction to go.  This blog is growing far beyond where I thought it would and I'd like to know what you think.



Deanna said...

I think it's great that you are asking! Excited for the growth of your blog, too! Having said that, I personally have been disappointed when blogs I've followed for a while and really enjoy go to sponsors and giveaways. :( I'm sorry, but I really do feel that way. I feel like when I visit these blogs now, I see a project or idea only once n a while, and the remainder of the time is giveaways and sponsors. I understand that blogging is time consuming, but I think many blogs are over the top with those types of things.
Just my two cents. :) Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

I think it is thoughtful of you to reach out to your followers and ask. I haven't been blogging or following blogs all that long, but I like a freebie here and there and I don't mind a sponsor or two. But in the end, you have the answers already inside of you and you have to follow your own dream for this blog. I support you in whatever your decision may be. Follow your heart.

Teaching First

Leanne said...

There is another blog I follow and she is really good at posting things AND putting her sponsers and give aways in her posts, the same ones. I think it is great that you are getting offers of sponsers! But you do need to do what you feel is right and what you want to do. Keep up the fabulousness! Hope this makes sense.

Megan said...

I really haven't been blogging that long, but I don't mind a few giveaways here and there as long as they don't take over the already wonderful content of your blog! I love to visit just the way it is, but am so excited for you for the growth of your blog. Do what makes you happy! We will love "Then She Made" no matter what your decision might be!

Eileen said...

Lovely things to say! Love your rock heart. It would be beautiful as a mosaic but pretty as is. Have a great day and keep up the good work. I love giveaways but that's not at all why i like your blog. As for sponsors, that's something i can live with. It's your choice i think

Kelsea said...

I'm new to your blog and I LOVE it. I saw it on thekrazycouponlady.com and ever since I saw the can organizer I fell in love with you. I'm happy I clicked on your link! Keep it up :)

Kelsea said...

I'm new to your blog and I LOVE it. I saw it on thekrazycouponlady.com and ever since I saw the can organizer I fell in love with you. I'm happy I clicked on your link! Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

My heart went ga-ga when I saw your heart rocks! I have found several rocks that are actually heart shaped! Love your blog! I don't blog, but having sponsors is probably a must-have financially to grow your blog (so that we can continue to enjoy reading it!). I personally don't usually enter giveaways, but I know many people do. You are doing a wonderful job now, follow your heart and best wishes! I sign as anonymous because I don't know how to do Name/URL I follow by email.

Twisted Fibers Designs said...

I don't mind giveaways or sponsors as long as they are products that you would truly endorse. I have seen some people give away some truly awful stuff that was hard to imagine they genuinely liked. I feel that all bloggers should have the opportunity to be rewarded for their time. Just keep the integrity of your blog and you'll be fine:)

Pidg said...

Totally agree with Twisted Fibers! Giveaways are fun sometimes but I personally don't like when blogs are overloaded with them. I met one of my dearest friends blogging. I was touched when I heard about your email. I never would have guessed that could happen. Neat stuff huh? ;)

Bluefunk said...

I love your blog. I love that everything you make is achievable, but at the same really awesome! :) Having sponsors and give-aways are completely up to the blogger. As a Canadian follower my biggest beef is that it's usually closed off to only followers in the US. So for me, they are pointless, because I can't win! :) However, to be able to grow your blog, I'm sure there's a happy medium to keep everyone happy. And really in the end if you're happy with the end result, that's all that matters.

Kristina :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog looking for crafty halloween ideas to do with my son (he's 8). We made the skeleton parts in the moss, and the specimen jars of skeletal parts. He put all the heads in one jar, all the legs in another, etc. Loved it!

clara said...

aaahhh... How did I manage to skip over this one? Thanks for the love:)