Oct 12, 2011

Spider Q&A & Skeletons - ewww!

Remember these Spee-iiiiders?  I had a few people email me asking how I hung the spiders up.  I'm sorry I forgot to mention that before but here is how I did it ....

I just used a small "cup" hook. You can buy these pretty much anywhere, I found mine at Walmart.  The best way to make these work is to take the rounded part and dig it into the styrofoam like shown.

Then, once the hook is in place, just tie a piece of string, or floss, to the stem of the hook underneath the flat little part that is before the threaded part - did that make any sense at all?  Let's try again, tie your string where the arrow is pointing above, there that's better.  So, that's all I did.  It was simple and has worked really well. We've even had some high winds and my spiders have stayed in place.

Now, on to Skeletons.

My kiddos really wanted to do something with creepy things this Halloween.  I'm not a creepy person. (at least I hope I'm not creepy)  I like my Halloween decorations to have bows and be cute but I was out voted.  So, I let them take the lead and we made these fun things...

This is so easy to do and even though I don't like creepy things, I do love how it turned out.

So, grab a Skeleton from the $1 store and break him up into pieces. Then take moss and place it in a trifle bowl. Add your skeleton pieces and then place the bowl on top of some fun gauzey fabric. Simple right. We get more compliments on this silly little than any other decorations and it took only minutes to throw together.

Ok, and here's one more quick one my kiddos made ... these kind of things are all over the internet but it was fun to create some of our own..

They bought a skeleton garland at the $1 store and took it apart. Then placed the skeletons in jars filled with water and added food coloring. I added some black fabric and string to the tops and that was it.  Super fun and well, kinda disgusting too.



Rebecca said...

I am so sorry anyone bashed you. That is sad. Don't change being you!

Deneen said...

Love your creepy things. I bought eyeballs at the dollar store to fill a jar. I am going to put a creepy label on it. I am going to do your skeleton one too. Thanks.