Aug 30, 2011

Pencil Vase

A lot has been happening around here.  It's been a bit crazy.  Amongst a long list of things that have been happening, the most pressing was we wrapped up the last few weeks of summer and the kiddos have all gone back to school.  I love back-to-school! I especially love getting back into a routine around here. 

As part of our back to school prep we headed over to the school to find the classrooms, drop off our supplies and to met the new teachers.   The girls wanted to take something, a gift of some sort, to their new teachers.  So, we quickly whipped up some pencil vases and loaded them with flowers.  I've seen lots of versions of these all over the internet - this is not my idea - but I've never found one quite like what I wanted so I just made my own.  Here's what I did.

I grabbed the following supplies:
- A narrow glass vase
- Pencils, I think I used close to 30
- Double sided tape
- Ribbon
- Scissors

Step 1:  First, take your tape and stick two or three pieces all around the vase. 

Once the tape is in place, remove the other side of the tape to expose the adhesive.

Step 2:  Next, take your pencils and, one by one, line them up and adhere them to the vase.

Step 3:  Once all the pencils are in place, cut a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the vase, then tie it into a cute bow.   

Now all you have to do is add flowers.  And, I'm quite mad at my myself because I forgot to take a picture with the flowers in it.  Oh well!  The teachers loved them and in the end that is what mattered.


Roxy Dozier said...

WOW... that's about all I can say. My sis in-law gave me a link to your blog and I'm giddy with excitment. There are so many cool and EASY things. You are one talented lady!! I'm hooked, keep up the great craftiness and I'll keep checking in!! :)

vivian said...

great idea! I bet the teachers thought they were cute!
thanks for sharing.