Aug 4, 2011

Jewelry Creations

In July I took my little family and we headed West to spend time with my siblings. We had a great time camping, visiting, and swimming. It was a great week of reconnecting.  However, the highlight for me was introducing my family to one of my loves - jewelry making.

It all came about because my cute niece saw a camera necklace that she loved but it was WAY expensive and I casually said - "hey, you could make that!".  So, I packed up some of my gear and one morning at camp she and I sat down to create.

It didn't take long before lots of others joined in. Really, who can resist some crafty goodness?!  Even my brother made some too - awesome!

Anyway, after we got home I left all the jewelry supplies out and I've been having lots of fun.  I love it because it's something my girls like to do too.  In fact, a couple of nights ago my teen said, "I'm glad I have a crafty mom.  I wouldn't get to do this otherwise!"  Sweet!  Points for me!

I don't have tutorials ready yet but here's a little peak at some of my creations ..... (tutorials and more photos will come on another post)

All of these creations were made from clay, paint, stamps, and some hardware.  
Some other day I'll have to show my regular bead work creations. I'm addicted to those too!

I also tried my hand at a little Steampunk - love the gears!

The robot doesn't have a name yet.  Any suggestions?  Fredrick?  Frank?
And, if he had a heart, it would like this...

I haven't put it on a chain yet, but I will.  And, last but not least, here's my camera pendant.  Alison wanted to make a camera, hers was so cute I wanted to make one too.

Fun, Right?!  I'm very addicted.

Oh, the two word pendants at the top of the post are some of my favorites.  I made the green one years ago.  The purple one is new from a few months ago.  It was for my oldest daughter to wear to a purple party for a young women's activity at church.  We were tempted to make her a pendant for every value but we weren't that ambitious.  :)

If any of these creations fit your fancy, let me know, I'll do a tutorial!