Jul 8, 2011

Pant leg bag

Ok, please tell me my kids aren't the only kids that go through jeans at race car speed.  I swear, we just bought new jeans and already the knees are warn out and they are too short for them to wear.  The positive side to all of this is that I have healthy growing kids and jeans I can up-cycle.  Oh ya!  Bring on the craft project, right?  Here's my latest.... a little pant leg bag to hold our roasting sticks.

I needed a bag to hold our roasting sticks when we go camping.  I even went and looked at fabric but just didn't want to pay for cute fabric that would just get dirty camping.  Instead, I whipped out the old jeans and set off to work.  Here's what I did...

1- Start with a pair of old jeans.  They need to be in good enough shape that you can salvage the fabric.
2- Place your roasting stick on the leg of the pant.   Leave enough space above the stick to be able to sew a 1 inch rolled hem.  Then cut.
3- Next, sew the bottom of your pant leg closed.  You could turn the thing inside out and all that but I didn't.  I liked the hem of the jean showing.  Also, you should know, I'm not a sewer.  I can do basic things.  Usually I just do straight stitches but I was feeling fancy so I went for the zig-zag.  If you want instructions on how to really sew, you might want to look elsewhere.  :)
4- Once the bottom is sewn closed, turn the pant leg inside out and pin the other side of the leg.  Normally you'd do a rolled hem, folding it twice, ironing, the whole schabang - I was lazy, I folded it once.  It fit my needs.  Then I sewed all the way around the opening.  This left me with about an inch of a top hem for my ribbon.

5- Next, carefully cut a slit on each side of the bag.  You want each slit to be in-between the edge of the opening and the hem.  Don't cut through the hem though.  Then thread your ribbon through.  I cut two piece of ribbon and threaded them through each side of the hem.  Then I tied the edges together with a simple knot.

6-When you are done, you'll have something that looks like the photo above.

7- Technically, I could have stopped there.  The bag is done and could be used but I thought it looked a little boring.  So, I pulled out my paints and foam stamps and stamped on a label.  

8- Now my little pant leg bag is finally complete.  I just need to put all the roasting sticks inside and throw the bag in with the camping gear and I'm set to go!  

Easy + no cost = the perfect little bag!