May 22, 2011

Doll Cast

Last night my 13 year old daughter came home from a babysitting job with super sad news.  A little girl that she adores, and loves to babysit, took a tumble earlier in the day - luckily NOT while under my daughter's watch - and had broken her arm. 

Miss M really wanted to do something for her little friend so even though it was late, we headed to Walmart for a treat.  We ended up coming home with a cute little doll and decided to make the doll a customized removable pink cast. 

I gave Miss M, that's what I call my daughter, some pointers but for the most part she created the cast all on her own and I must say, it turned out ADORABLE.  If you ever have the need to make a removable cast for a little doll, here is how to do it....

Step 1:  Cut a piece of felt to size so that it fits the doll arm and slightly overlaps. You'll end up with something like below (ignore the pink on the edges, this was taken after the cast was already made.)  The little notch is where the thumb goes.

Step 2:  Cut strips of grosgrain ribbon and using hot glue, adhere them into place on top of the felt.  You want them to slightly over-lap each other so that it looks like the texture of a real cast.

Step 3: Adhere some small strips of Velcro and then add cast to your doll. Seriously, it really is that simple. 

Now our cute little friend has a snuggly little doll with a cast that is just like hers.  Some how I think it makes having a broken arm just a little more enjoyable.


May 13, 2011

Missing Comments

Blogger has been having some issues the last couple of days and now I am missing several of my comments.  If you were kind enough to take the time to leave me a comment, thank you!  Please know I read them and I'm very sorry they are no longer there.  I'm not sure how to get them back but I do feel lucky I didn't lose my posts and access to my blog like others did.

In other news, I picked up canvases today.  I making more of these... 

My friend has requested one and I was very happy to say yes!  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  It will be greens & purple and spring and summery.  Fun!

May 11, 2011

Fairy Garden

Yesterday I posted about a Fairy Garden.  I really, really want to make one but I'm hesitant. I mentioned my friend had sent me a photo of hers and she said I could share her photo so you all can see what I'm talking about, here it is....

(photo and garden by Lindsey)

She put her's in a large planter that she could move around.  She searched for just the right container so that her kids could get all around it and play - such a great idea!

Now, I don't know if you can see it or not but her Fairy Garden is basically like an  I-Spy game.  There are animals in the plants, Fairies hiding behind rocks, little treasures here and there.  It's awesome!  If I remember right I think she even mentioned that her fairies will go and visit the neighbors fairy gardens and little things in her garden just move around all summer.  So fun.

I know my girls could really have fun with this so I'm letting go of my fears of being a plant killer and when school gets out next week, we are taking on a fairy garden as one of our little projects.

So, do you have any tips for me?  What kind of plants to buy?  Which plants would work best in containers like these?  How often do I water plants (don't laugh, I really need to know these things)

And, for your enjoyment, here's a few others I found that are cute .....

Lindsey sent me this link, it was her inspiration:

Fairy Garden in a sink

Fairy Garden in a wagon

I'm sure there are tons of ideas out there and I'm excited to get started. Please share your tips.

May 9, 2011

Thanks/Fairy Garden

Thank you to all who either sent me a message privately or commented about my Bitter-sweet Mother's Day post.  I actually had a great day but appreciated the fact that I could share my thoughts here and with you.  Many of you are in my same situation so it was nice to read the comments and know I'm not alone.

Soooo, moving on... I have a question.  A friend of mine has made a fairy garden in a large planter.  I'm a killer of plants so I quickly blew off the idea at first.  However she sent me a picture of it (I'll share but I need to ask permission first) and it's totally adorable.  I think my girls would have fun with it and honestly, I would too.  So, my question....

Have any of you made Fairy Gardens before?

If so, will you share your tips on how to make them special, where you found your supplies, etc.  I'd love to know more before I dive in and kill my plants.


May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Love is the little things blooming forth.  

This was made several years ago for a display in a scrapbook store.  If I were to remake it today, those "little" things are not so little anymore and are truly "blooming forth".  I'm so happy to be their mother.  To be able to watch them grow.  To hear them laugh.  To comfort them when they cry.  Plus, they made me a cheesecake - yup, I'm one lucky mom!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

May 6, 2011

Mother's Day, It's Bittersweet

Mother's day is a bittersweet for me.  I love that I get to enjoy handmade trinkets, crayon drawn art and hugs from my kids. But mostly though, Mother's Day just reminds me the my own mother is gone.

I am a motherless mother.

This year is particularly hard for me because my twins are 9.  I was 9 when my mom died and the thought of them being motherless at this age is unfathomable.  The thought of me being motherless at 9 is unfathomable.  Yet, 28 years later, I'm here and I'm ok.   

I've stumbled, ungracefully, into my own.  I managed to learn how to make Ramen, floss, and do my own laundry.  I navigated through boy issues and mean friends.  I found my faith and I became a mother myself.  I'm proud of myself for becoming me but I often wonder how different I'd be if she was helping me along the way.  I wonder what she would have said when I had my first kiss, or came home engaged.   Or moved to a far away state.  Mostly I wonder what kind of grandma she'd be to my three girls.  

I'm jealous of women who have great relationships with their mothers and I'm sorrowful for those that are bitter, rude, and unappreciative to theirs.

I said mothers day was bittersweet.  The sweet part is in being a mother myself.  I'm not the best mother.  I fail miserably some days and succeed greatly on others but I love my girls and I love being a mom.  I have realized that I probably cherish being a mom so much because I missed out on having my own mom around. 

So, for those of you that are not motherless mothers like me, I hope you will step back and truly look into the heart of your mother-daughter relationship.  Look for the little things that bind you to her, the similarities, the quirks.  Look at the accomplishments you've achieved that you know are a direct result of your mother's supporting hand.  Then, love her with everything you have because you never know when you will be a motherless mother like me.

Note:  The scrapbook layout above shows only one of three or so photos I have of me and my mom, just us, together.  Be sure to take photos of you and your mom.  Take them even if you are having a bad hair day or you feel fat or you don't have make-up on.  Take them because someday you will want those photos, you will want to be reminded of your relationship with her.

Teacher Appreciation - A "sub"-stantial gift

First off, I'd just really like to thank Sonic for it's awesomeness.  Not only do they have really yummy Vanilla Cokes, they also happened to save my butt today.

As most of you know, It's Teacher Appreciate Week.  I've been a dedicated room-mother (didn't know I was the room-mother but that's another story) and I've followed through all week with little gifts and tokens to show appreciation for our hard working teachers.  Candy grams on Monday, flowers on Tuesday, Fruit baskets, home made treats, etc...  I've been on it like Blue Bonnet!  However, by Thursday I was feeling the drain, the juices weren't flowin' and the umph was gone.

At the last minute, after a meeting last night, I quickly went to Subway for a few gift cards.  But just a gift card by it's self seemed, well, small.  Not necessarily in amount, just in physical size, especially compared to the other gifts that were given this week.  However, I was stumped and out of energy to be crafty or clever and had just decided to through the gift card in it's sleeve and verbal say "thanks".  Lame?  Yes!  And I knew it, too.  This is where Sonic comes in - Sonic saves the day.

They have awesome drink trays.  Did you know that?  I actually use these as craft caddies when the girls and I are crafting together - it keeps all our tools in one place.  Remembering I had these, I was instantly back on track.

A quick trip to the store bright and early this morning and some fast decorating - not my best, but it works in a pinch - and I was done! 

So, moral of the story, if you need a quick gift idea put together a quick little Sonic drink tray filled with items for a Picnic in the Park - here's what you do:

1- Go to Sonic and buy enough drinks to get a drink tray (If you go between 2p - 4p, drinks are half off - SCORE!)

2- Enjoy your yummy drinks

3- Take a 12x12 piece of decorative paper and cut three 3.5" x 12" strips

4- Wrap and adhere the strips of paper to your carrier.

5- Fill with goodies like chips, a Subway gift card, chocolate, water and maybe some activities like a crossword puzzle book.  Then tie a bow around the base of it.

6 - Next whip up a super easy gift card holder.  How? I'll try to explain...

Take a regular envelope, seal it and fold it in half.  Next, cut off both ends so that it is open on each side.  Then, take a circle punch and punch out half circles on both ends.  (see above) You now have two little pockets to put in a gift card and a note.

Now, take a strip of decorative paper and fold over the envelope to create an outside cover.

Add a little adhesive to the back pocket of the envelope and place on strip of paper.  Then fold the cover into place and secure closed.  (The picture above shows the side view which I think helps visually explain it a little better.)

7- Next add in your card and note, my gift card was to Subway so my note said, "You've made a "SUB"-stantial difference in the lives of our children"  Get it?  SUB?  SUB sandwich from SUBway!  Yes, terribly clever, I know.  Then of course, I added "Thank you".

Anyway, put it all together and deliver and you are done!

Sonic saved the day.  I completed my responsibilities for Teacher Appreciation week and everything is good! 

May 2, 2011

A Mother's Day Gift Idea

So with Mother's Day coming up at the end of the week I thought I'd re-post a past favorite.  This is a little gift that you can make for mom out of a single pack of blank cards and envelopes.  There are so many cute patterns and designs of cards out there that I'm sure you can find a style that fits her taste. 

Here's all the steps to making mom her own little book.  And, don't forget to fill it with nice notes and memories of all that she has done for you. 

You'll need:
card pack
adhesive, like a glue stick or tabs
chipboard or cardboard (don't have any?  Cut up a cereal box)
hole punch

Step 1:  Grab a pack of blank cards.  Usually you can get these at Walmart or Target for around $3.  They will have 8 to 10 cards in them with coordinating envelopes.  The designs lately are fabulous!

Step 2 & 3:   Set aside the cards for now and just take out the envelopes.  Determine how many envelopes you will use, I used 4.  From here you will basically make a chain of envelopes hooking one flap to the back and bottom of the other.  You'll repeat this until all your envelopes are glued together.  Be sure to line them up well with one another as this will help it align better once it's folded into an album.  (to see how the envelopes will look once they are all glued together, see photo #4)

Step 4:  Now you need to make the covers.  Trim two pieces of chipboard to fit inside the envelope.  You can do this by measuring the space or by tracing a card as your template and then cutting it slightly bigger so that it fills the whole space.  Then, take one piece and place it inside the top envelope and then add the second piece to the bottom envelope.  Adding the chipboard will stiffen up the covers which will help protect the finished design.
Step 5:  Fold flap over on the first envelope to hide the chipboard that is inside. For the back envelope, cover with paper or card of your choice. Then carefully fold up your album accordion style.

Step 6:  Take one card and center it on top of the envelopes in the first fold

Step 7:  Once you have them centered, punch two small holes through both the card and envelope. (holes should line up on the crease of the folds in both the cards and hooked together envelopes - see completed album photo if clarification is needed)

Step 8:  Thread ribbon or string through holes and tie in place. Knot or bow can either go inside the card or on the outside of the envelope.  I chose to put mine on the outside. Once your first card is in place, repeat steps 6 thru 8 until you have cards attached in all the folds of the envelopes.

Step 9:  When all the cards are in place and attached with ribbon, you should have something that looks like this and is ready to decorate.

Below are some photos of the same project done up in different colors.