Apr 3, 2011

Sock Bunnies

Yesterday while we were watching our church's general conference, my daughters and I got out the craft bin.  We craft together a lot, it's just something we love to do.  However, I especially love to do it while conference is on because the girls are quiet.  There is very little chatter or complaint and instead we just happily craft.  The peace that is in our home when conference is on is something I cherish and look forward too.

Once the session was over we had some pretty cute little crafts to decorate our house for Easter.  Remember the sock snowmen from a few months ago?  They were our inspiration but  we made Sock Bunnies instead. 

 We pretty much made them the same as the snowmen, only instead of make hats we made ears by just cutting one knee-high sock down the middle to make two ears.