Mar 11, 2011

The Beary Best

My creative efforts have been shifted this week. I've had to put my crafty creations on hold and focus on creatively planning a youth event that is coming up. Event planning is fun but there really is a stress relief in playing with paper, ribbons, and paint and I'm in need of a crafty fix.

Until that can happen though, I wanted to share one of my "beary" favorite projects from pre-blog times. And before I go any further, you need to know I AM NOT A SEWER. However, I did pull off making these bears and I've made about 20 of them in different sizes for gifts over the last 12 years. (I kind of went crazy)

The first one I ever made was for my oldest daughter when she was just 18 months. The bear was SOOO huge compared to her little toddler body. I loved watching her try to carry it around. She loved that bear! It was our reading bear. She and I would sit between the bears legs, lean up against it's body, and read books. Such a great memory.

(It's not the best photo but you can see her giving her bear a big love - awww!)

Years later, her twin sisters saw pictures of her bear and wanted one too.  This is the cool part ... while I was Walmart one day, I noticed they were clearing out a bunch of winter blankets for $3.  They were brown and super soft and PERFECT for bears.  So, I dug out my pattern, set to work and made them each their own bear.

They love their bears and still have theirs.  They sleep with them.  Use them for floor pillows.  For fort walls and to watch tv in.  And, truth be told, I've used them a few times too.  There is something so comforting snuggling up in a stuff animal of that size... even when you are 37.  Seriously, they make Sunday naps on the living room floor so much more enjoyable.

So, here's the deal.  Lots and lots of stores are clearing out their winter items right now.  If you see blankets for the cheap - BUY THEM.  Then make your kiddos a bear.  They will think you are the best mom ever!

And right about now you are thinking "but what about the pattern?".  I found mine 13 years ago in a craft store in Roy, UT.  However, thanks to this lovely thing called the internet, you can buy yours without even leaving your house.  Sweet!  I was thrilled to find that this lady still has patterns and even some other styles too.  So fun.   So, here is the magical link, and no - I'm not getting paid, I just wanted to share something that has been a huge hit in our house.  (Judi Lynn Designs

Anyway, I hope you all have a BEARY great weekend.  Thanks for following my blog, I'll be back with new creations soon.  (And, if you are LDS and have any great ideas for youth conference PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send them my way!)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Are you familiar with this site? It might have some good ideas to bouce off of for your project.
Good Luck! Ang