Mar 31, 2011

$ 1.20 + treats = CUTE!

Ok, so  Amy over at The Idea Room made this super cute Easter basket.  She went all out and actually sewed the basket part.  A little too much work for me, especially since sewing is not something I do well.  Plus the cost was more than I wanted to spend too.  The idea though was fantastic so I tucked it away for a future day.

This week is spring break for my twins and we've been looking for fun and easy projects to fill our time.  That's when I remembered Amy's great idea and decided to tweak it to fit our budget, time, and craft level - (no sewing = happy me and easy for the kids).  

We hit the Dollar Tree for the stuffed animals.  Yup, $1 each - shocker I know, that's just how the Dollar store works :)  And, I also found the little plastic bowls there too.  5 of them in a pack, so .20 cents each.  Score!

So, here's what we did...

We started by cutting a circle out of the center of the bunny.  I feel kind of bad about this, especially since the little bunny just sat there and smiled the whole time.  He was a good sport!

Next we pushed the batting into the other parts of the bunny, like his head, 
arms and legs.

Then we hot glued some ribbon to the sides of the plastic bowl and then glued the bowl into the center of the hole that we had cut and cleared out.  Just add a bead of glue all along the rim of the bowl and then slowly work the fabric/fur up to the edge of the bowl.

When it's all glued in place, you'll have something that looks like the photo above.

Then all you need to do is fill it with a treat and give away.  Honestly, it's sad that the treats cost more than the craft.  In the end it's worth it because my kiddos are happy and we made something fun that only cost $1.20 + treats!

I think the lamb is my favorite.  He is so cute!


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Blue Strong said...

I am so doing this! I mail baskets to kids and grandkids. This is light for shipping and so cute! Thanks again girl!