Feb 28, 2011

Messages that matter

I'm not really sure if my kids pay attention to the things I hang in my home but I certainly hope they do.

Just like any family, we like to joke and play and tease but lately I've been a bit bothered with some of the comments being made.  My twins are just at that age that they are starting to toy with sarcasm.  This is a scary stage to be in because there is a paper thin line that is easy to cross.

One side of the line brings laughter, the other side brings tears.  

So when my older daughter pulled out this sign from our craft storage box for a photography assignment I was all over it.  It used to hang in the twin's room and then we moved.  Needless to say, it's going back up.  And, with any luck, they will pay attention to it.  It's a message that matters.

I've made several paintings and signs that I hang in my home but I dare say this was by far the easiest.  Here's how I did it...

Step 1:  Grab a 6x6 canvas
Step 2:  Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to 6x6 and mod podge it to your canvas

Step 3:  Add alpha stickers that will spell out your saying or quote
Step 4:  Add other embellishments

And that is that!  Pretty easy.  Now, if it was only that easy to get my kids to speak kinds words to each other.



Janiece said...

I know that when my children were teens, I put this phrase above my front door to be seen as they left the house: HAVE FUN, BE GOOD and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.
My children are grown, youngest is now 22 and it is still above the door.
Just a reminder to all of us.

Pjjunker said...

I have huge letters on one wall that say, "be patient, gracious, and kind

Linh C. said...

Love the message!

Deanna said...

What a simple but very cool idea! This would be great for my daughter's room. Thanks for sharing!
Deanna @ shadytreediary.blogspot.com