Feb 9, 2011

I "Chews" You!

Ok, I know I was all sentimental yesterday about just following my daughter's lead and making hand drawn certificates for  Valentine's day - still a great idea - However, at the grocery store I found another fun treat and thought it would make a great little Valentine gift.

Have you seen these?  
(They are way yummy!) 

You can quickly turn this little box into a fun Valentine treat.  Here's how ....

Step 1:  Cut a piece of paper, I used an 8.5 x 11 piece of pink cardstock, down to 3 x 11 inch strip

Step 2:  Wrap the paper around the box and cut off the excess.  Then, crease the paper where it hits the corners of the box.  This will help it stay in place and will look better too.

Step 3:  Holding the paper in place (don't glue it yet) draw a box on the front.  You want this to be over top of the part of the box that says "Chews".  I could kind of see through my paper so it made it easier.  TIP:  If you can't see through your paper, you could use a piece of regular printer paper and make a template and then transfer it to your cardstock.


Step 4: Next, carefully cut out the box you drew in step 3.  When you are done, it will look something like the photo above.


Step 5:  This step is optional, but before adhering your paper to your box, you can ink the edges and creases on your paper.

Step 6:  After you've added your ink, then attach your paper to your box and then set aside for a minute. 

Step 7:  Using another piece of paper (you can't tell from this picture but I actually used a slightly darker pink paper than what is on the inside) cut another long strip of paper.  It needs to be the same height as your box.  (I didn't take an actual measurement, I just held it up to the box and cut)

Step 8:  Take your box and wrap the paper around it so that the ends meet at one corner of your box.  Your paper will be longer than needed so you will need to fold the paper under on the ends like shown above.  (You actually want it this way as it will help hold your ribbon in place.)


Step 9:  Next you need to punch some holes so you can thread in your ribbon.  The photos above show the general idea.  Punch one end in the center of the fold, then line up the other side and punch another hole.

 Step 10:  Now open up your folds and thread a long piece of ribbon through the punched holes like shown above. 

Step 11:  Adhere your box in place so you have something that looks like the photo above.

 and FINALLY it's time to decorate.

 I kept it pretty simple on the outside....

and simple on the inside too!

There you have it,  a fun little treat to stick in your kiddos lunch boxes or under their pillow on Valentine's day.