Jan 16, 2011

Valentine Car Air Fresheners

If you've followed my little craft blog for awhile, you'll remember the cinnamon-applesauce ornaments I made at Christmas time. When I posted them I got a few comments on Facebook that someone used to make these and use them as air fresheners in their car.  Brilliant idea! Just brilliant.

So, using the recipe from my previous post on Christmas ornaments, I made the following heart shaped air freshener for my car.  Perfect for Valentine's and they'd even make great gifts for friends.

I made these very similar to my previous post but I did do a few things differently, here's the process....

Make your dough... recipe can be found HERE.

Scoop out some dough and flatten it into a small patty.  Just like your making hamburgers.


Using a sharp knife, cut out a heart shape and remove excess dough


Then, take a ribbon, fold it in half and tie a knot on the end.  Place your ribbon in the center of your heart with the knot laying just below the point of the heart.  Very slightly press the ribbon into the dough.

(TIP:  I used a white ribbon, however, I will use a different ribbon next time. The cinnamon color leaked onto the white ribbon, not a big deal but a different colored ribbon would have avoided this)

Next, make another patty and very carefully turn your other heart over and place it on top of the new patty.  This will sandwich the ribbon in between the patties.


Then, using your sharp knife, cut around the heart, remove the excess dough and slightly press the two pieces together.

Very carefully pick it up and smooth around the outer edges so that there is no seam showing where the two patties meet.  

Then bake as directed.

There you have it, a cute little Valentine air freshener for your home or car.