Jan 28, 2011

Pink, Pink You Stink....


Edited 1/9/2012:  I've gotten lots of questions about the Ribbon Rosettes.  People want to know where I bought them.  I didn't.  I just made them.  You can find the tutorial for them on another post here:  Ribbon Rosettes

Well, I might have done it this time.  I may have made a craft that I don't actually love.  (Can I admit that publicly?)  

I should say that I do love the idea of this craft and that's why I'm going to share it anyway.  And, more than anything, it's the color that is getting to me.  I explained on another post that red and pink, specifically pink, clashes with my home decor so I don't decorate for Valentine's day with it.  However, I thought since this project would be on my front door that it wouldn't matter.  


I'm just not a pink person. I should be, I have three daughters but I've never been one for pink - or lace - or frilly, and the end result of this project is, well, too girlie for my taste.

My idea for this project came from another cool crafter named Amy.  (are all Amy's crafters?)  You can see her fabulous creation here:  Framed Heart Valentine  (she was smart and did her's in red)

Anyway, Here's what I did in case you like it and want to make your own.

Gather your supplies:
1 - 11x14 canvas
a boat load of ribbon rosettes
Dark pink paint
White paint
Crackle Paint
Alphabet rub-ons
Paint brish
Glue gun
Optional: sand paper

Step 1:  Paint your canvas with the dark pink paint and let dry.

Step 2:  Paint on your Crackle medium.  If you haven't worked with crackle before, it's really easy.  You just paint it on over your base coat and let dry.  It's wise to paint it all in the same direction too.  And, because it is clear, once it is dry you can't see it so be sure your base coat is completely covered.

Step 3:  Paint on your top coat.  Be consistent and paint all in the same direction.  Most likely your paint will start to crackle instantly and if you go back and forth with your paint brush you will cover up some of those cracks.  So just paint in one direction.


When you are done and your top coat has dried, you'll have something like the image above.


Step 4:  Now, very lightly sketch the outline of a heart onto your canvas.  You need this outline because it will help guide your placement of the rosettes.

Step 5:  Start positioning your rosettes in place.  It is wise to lay them all out before you glue them down.  This will help make sure your final design has a good balance.  I used various sizes of rosettes so I laid my biggest ones down first and worked biggest to smallest.  The very smallest rosettes I used to fill in any gaps.

Step 6:  Add your rub-ons.  Now, I know vinyl is the latest and greatest but I don't have a fancy-dancy vinyl machine so I still use the tried and true rub-ons.  Use what works for you.

Here's my rub-ons, well, rubbed on.   

Step 7:  Attach ribbon to the back and hang up.  (I attached my ribbon by stapling it to the canvas frame)

Also, one more thing you can do is lightly sand the edges of the canvas.  For me, this gave the canvas a very subtle frame by allowing a line of the dark pink paint to show from underneath. 

And there you have it, the craft that I can appreciate and will use for two weeks but don't love.  I think after Valentine's day I will find a new mom who loves pink and could use this in her baby girl's room or something.  If you're local and know someone that could use it, let me know.



Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love the crackle! The sign is so sweet and and original. Great job!


love the sign the crackle paint is great.

A Prairie Girl in California said...

i think this is adorable!!!! found ya on funky junk:)

Katie Johnson said...

Now see, I love pink. I just don't have the patience to make that many rosettes :-P But I love the project!! It's very cute!!

Jenn said...

Now, I love this project. As a Mom of 2 boys, I am so happy to have an excuse to work with pink!!

Amanda said...

This is so cute, I might try one in yellow, I need some spring colours in my house!

C'est Magnifique said...

I love it... even the pink!! It would be pretty in creams and whites too since you don't like the pink! Did you make all those little roses or can you buy them somewhere? I know how to make them, but it would be MUCH easier and quicker if I could buy them somewhere!


Teri said...

I love it, I also love the pink. Great job!

Allison said...

Found you on Skip to my Lou.
This is adorable! Love it!

Also, just wanted to let you know I shared a link to this on my blog's, A Glimpse Inside, FB page.

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

This is beautiful! I've never worked with crackle...will have to try it out!

Douglas said...

Would love for you to join us at the Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Party!

Rachel {BubblyNatureCreations.com} said...

you may not like it, but I love it... it turned out cute!

Please share this over here: http://www.bubblynaturecreations.com/2011/02/project-party-weekend-flavored-lip.html

We would love to have you join us!

Coffee Break Mama said...

This is beautiful! Wish I'd found this earlier - it's too cute :)

Renée said...

I am not a pink person either but I *LOVE* this! Will you sell it to me if you haven't already gifted it?

Attempting Aloha said...

lol. I'm a mom of three girls, too, and I LOVE pink. ;) Can't get enough of it around here.

I'll be featuring this in my Valentine's round-up sometime this week.



Anonymous said...

I also love this. I am looking to make a sign for a baby girl's room door and this is perfect with her name under it!

Thanks for the idea!


Sanja said...

I love it...thanks!!!

Becky Teninty said...

Where can I fine z pattern & instructions for the rosettes?
This is awesome!

nikkig said...

So is the TOP coat the white? Going to make this for my daughters 2nd birthday in february! Love it!

maurine said...

Where did you buy your ribbon rosettes?

Beth H said...

Love this!!! Got my pink drying now!! I made the rosettes out of crepe paper though since that's what I had. Took almost a whole role to figure out how to make them look right, but I think they turned out pretty cute! I actually glued them to a piece of white cardstock (I didn't have any canvas at the time) then cut out really close. I'm going to glue that on, then add another layer of rosettes around the outside of the heart.

{amy k.} said...

i came across this on pinterest and i LOVE this! thanks for sharing, i can't wait to give it a try!

Melissa Hislop said...

I think this is adorable and I'm a very pink person. Though I agree it doesn't go with my home decor either. But I WILL be making one this year. That crackle medium stuff looks awesome! Why have I never heard of it before?

Emmy said...

This is so so adorable! Great job! And thank you for the great instructions.

Lauren Blackmon said...

I am making this tonight and having trouble : (. I am not seeing a crackle at all really. Did you sand the whole canvas to see the pink???

vanilla143 said...

I love the idea. I love pink. But what I really appreciate is that you don't always love every craft you do and it is ok to let it go. (found thru pinterest).

Tutuland said...

Hi- I found you on Pinterest and featured this post on my blog today. I'm so excited to make it this weekend.

Love your blog and so happy to be our newest follower.

Craft on!


talha said...

Its just quality work and looking so precious.

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Kammy Wielenga said...

Beautiful! Totally pinning this. I never would have thought to do a crackle finish on a canvas! How have I not stumbled upon your blog before now with all my blogland presence? haha.


jude3944 said...


renny gutierrez said...

que hermoso trabajo felicitaciones!!!! y gracias por compartirlo!!!!!!!!!

Haley Knight said...

Wow! What a cool idea. I have been meaning to use tissue paper that i've had, and this may be the perfect craft.