Jan 18, 2011

Easy Valentine Card

Here is the easiest Valentine card you will ever make...


You will need:

A card (or a red piece of cardstock, cut to size and folded in half)

Alphabet stickers (I used chipboard alphas to give it some depth)
x-acto knife
Small heart punch

What you'll do:
Step one:  Place your alphabet stickers on the card to spell out the word "love".

Step two:  open card and lay it flat on an area that is safe to cut into.  Then, using your x-acto knife, carefully cut out the opening of the "O".  This will allow you to see a little part of the inside of the card... like a window.

Step three:  Close card and place small heart in the center of the "O".  The heart will be inside the card but will show from the outside.

Step four:  Write out a nice, heartful message expressing all your love to your Valentine.

So easy!