Jan 25, 2011

Drum Roll Please.....

Look what I bought 
last week!

 Do you know what this means?

Nope,  I'm not going to be baking any cookies, although that does sound good.  Instead, we are going to have a little blog party!

Remember when I posted about these???

Well, I've been getting lots and lots of emails about them.

Once upon a time I posted the first steps but I never continued on.  I was using old images and didn't have a calendar on hand to give you sizes and such and just found the information wasn't flowing into a very good tutorial.  It was always my intention to get back to it but then there were fall crafts, and the holidays, and kids - can't ignore them, oh you know how it goes.  There was always something else taking up my time.

Anyway, thanks to all your emails, your kind comments, and because I need a calendar - it's time we tackle this!

I'll be creating a new calendar which I will keep for myself (something I've never done - I always give them away) and will be documenting the process step-by-step to share with all of you.

So, are you ready?  Want to make a cookie sheet calendar with me?

Your first step is to go buy a cookie sheet.  Make sure it's metal and will hold a magnet.  Also, I will be sharing exact measurements so to make it easy on yourself, you may want to buy the same size cookie sheet.

Mine is a ....

Picked it up at Walmart for $4.  And, if you want to get the exact one, and you shop at a Super Walmart, don't look for it in the housewares.  I actually found mine in with the food by the baking items.

So, go get your cookie sheet and check back in a few days and we will get this party started.  These aren't hard to make but because there are so many parts and steps, I'll be breaking the process down into several posts to make it more manageable.  

And, if you are following along and making one too, I think we should have a linking party to share all the visual goodness when we are done.  

So, what do you think?  Are you in?

Also, I've got a few more Valentine's post planned for the next couple of days so stay with me.

P.S. - I'm in the process of updating this here blog, watch for changes and let me know if there is anything special you'd like to see.  I'll be adding an email updater as well as some other things that have already been requested.  

P.S.S - Thanks to all my loyal followers.  I'm almost at 200 and I tell you what, my blog-esteem is through the roof right now.  Thanks for reading and encouraging my craft obsession.  It's been fun to share!