Dec 10, 2010

A week of gifts - Day 5

So, I saved the very best for last. All my other gifts ideas were just little simple things that you could give a teacher or neighbor, nothing too serious.  However, the last gift is by FAR my very most favorite.  This is the gift that when I give it, other people in the room say "I want that!".  It's fun to hear the comments.

Plus, it's better than a gift card as they can spend it anywhere.  And, it's better than just handing them an envelope of money because it shows you put some effort into the gift.  Seriously, it's a win/win for both the giver and the receiver.  So, here it is.....

The Money Tree

Want to make one?  Here's how:

You'll Need:
- A stack of cash - you can make these in any amount.  Use all $1 and make a $10 tree or use $20's, doesn't matter, just use what fits your budget.
- A can or small pot for base - I actually prefer using a pot but I didn't have one

- Floral foam
- Wire
- Wire cutters or scissors you don't mind cutting wire with
- Glue gun
- BBQ sticks or a cinnamon stick - again, I prefer the cinnamon stick but I didn't have one on hand
- Fabric
- Wooden star or make one from cardboard.
- Moss
- Ribbon

What you do:

1- Place floral foam in can (or pot) and insert sticks in place.  Set aside.  (Note:  my bbq sticks were really thin so I put three together to help give it more strength, if you have regular ones you only need one)

2- Cut a long piece of wire, I didn't measure but you'll want it at least 18

3- Center your wire at the base of the sticks and wrap it around them one time.  You want it centered so that the wires are equal on both sides.  (think shoe lace and how you want both laces even when tying them)  

4 - Next, you need to fold the money.  This is pretty easy, just accordion fold each bill like shown below.


5- Now, starting at the base, attach one bill to the base of the sticks.  The easiest way to do this is to wrap the wires so that they form an X over the front of the bill like shown below.  Then, wrap the wires behind the sticks and bring them around to the front so that they are ready for the next bill.

6-  From here we just keep adding more bills.  However, you want them to taper to look like a tree so with each new bill you need to make a small fold like shown below before attaching to the stick.

7- Keep repeating this process making each fold a little bigger so the bill is smaller.  Repeat until you have all the money attached to the stick.

8- Next you need to cover the can.  If you are using a small pot, you can skip this step, otherwise just wrap fabric around it and glue in place.

9-  Now we decorate.  Add a little moss and a small ribbon to the base like shown below.

10-  Then add the star to the top

And there you have it - you're very own money tree that is ready to give away!


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