Dec 13, 2010

Money Tree Version 2

So, I've had a lot of response from the money tree I made on the previous post (Thank You!).  However, I know everyone has different tastes and styles, especially when it comes to homemade crafts/gifts. So, while I prefer the first version, I thought I'd show you another one, we'll call it Version 2.  If the first one wasn't your style maybe you'll like this one.

Want to make this one?  Here's what you need.

Clay pot
Styrofoam cone
bbq stick
stack o cash

1- Cut off about an inch off the bottom of the styrofoam cone and place it in the pot.
2- Put your bbq stick in the center of your cone and then center it in the pot
3- Fold all you bills in half and, starting at the bottom of the cone, pin each bill in place.  Over lap as needed.  Do one complete layer, working in a circle around the cone, before moving on to the next layer.
4- Repeat step three until the whole cone is covered in cash.
(Note:  Make sure you are watching for any open areas and cover then as need so your tree looks full)

5- Add the star to the top and moss to cover the styrofoam that is in the pot.  Then decorate as desired by adding ribbon and a gift tag.

So there you have it, Money Tree Version 2!  


You can check out Version 1 here:  Money Tree