Dec 26, 2010

bag re-do

After more than a week off, I needed to be crafty again.  The holidays are great but they are busy and so it was a treat for me to be home last night, hanging with my fam, and digging into the craft supplies.

A little bit of a back story about my project:  We just returned from visiting family in Utah.  It takes 7 hours to get there and we drove.  (Ugh!)  Needless to say we weren't looking forward to the 7 hour drive home.  Lucky for us though, my awesome sister in-law packed us a goodie bag for the drive home.  That bag of love was just what we needed to help pass the time.

The actual bag was just a simple bag, like something you'd get from trade shows and such.  She got hers from her work.  It's a good sized tote, has plenty of uses and life still in it.  I knew it could be re-used I just wasn't too jazzed about the logo so I needed a way to cover it up and make the bag a little cuter. 

Here's the bag in it's original form

I actually like the last line of the logo,  "Imagination at work".  That's pretty cool so I wanted to keep that but I wanted to cover up the rest.

I decided that some fabric rosettes would work great to cover the logo.  These rosettes are all over blogland.  They are super easy to make and look cute on hair barrettes and accessories clips.  If you haven't seen them before, just do a search and you'll find lots of tutorials and styles.

So next, I made three rosettes in slightly different sizes and starting with one of the medium ones, I placed it on the logo.  You could sew it in place, I was lazy though and just used hot glue.

Then I added the second rosette and slightly overlapped it on top of the first.

And then I added the third, which was the largest of the three.

I was so happy with how it turned out that I decided to make a few more rosettes and place them on the back side of the bag.  Here's what the back side looked like:

And here is the front and the back together - such an easy project and now i have a cute new bag to carry all my stuff to church in.  

Look around your house, chances are good you've probably got a bag or two just like these that are just waiting for a lovely rosette or two.

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