Nov 16, 2010


We have a fun thing coming up at my church and the committee in charge has asked for people to lend them their advent calendars to be used as decorations and table center pieces.  Because of this I've got advent calendars on my brain!

We actually have 4 of them and we use all 4!  Crazy, right?  Each child has their own that is a candy countdown and then we have a family activity advent that helps us focus more on togetherness and Christ at Christmas.  I made that one but it is on loan right now so I can't show it yet, however, if you are up for making your own cute and easy countdown, here's an idea I've done in the past... 

If you want to make your own you'll need:

1 - 10x10 dry-erase easel board, it's made by
Expo and looks like this:

- Scrapbook papers
- rub-ons, stickers or stamps for the numbers
- chipboard or pieces of cardboard cut to size
- ribbon and other decorative things, like ribbon
- adhesive (I used those little sticky tabs but double sided tape works great too)
- magnets and ink for distressing

So, in a nut shell, the expo board is magnetic and you just decorate your pieces, and magnets to the backs of each piece, cover the board with paper and then stick your pieces to your board.  As you countdown, you remove one piece a day and place it on the back of the board.

The cool thing I love about these is that once you are done, you just fold in down and store it for next year.  It's also not huge so you could use it on your desk at work or in other small spaces.