Sep 16, 2010

Mini album from a card pack

So, here's a quick and easy project that you can do even if you aren't a scrapbooker.  These make great little mini albums for any occasion or advice books for like a baby/wedding shower.

You'll need:
card pack
adhesive, like a glue stick or tabs
chipboard or cardboard (don't have any?  Cut up a cereal box)
hole punch

Step 1:  Grab a pack of blank cards.  Usually you can get these at Walmart or Target for around $3.  They will have 8 to 10 cards in them with coordinating envelopes.  The designs lately are fabulous!

Step 2 & 3:   Set aside the cards for now and just take out the envelopes.  Determine how many envelopes you will use, I used 4.  From here you will basically make a chain of envelopes hooking one flap to the back and bottom of the other.  You'll repeat this until all your envelopes are glued together.  Be sure to line them up well with one another as this will help it align better once it's folded into an album.  (to see how the envelopes will look once they are all glued together, see photo #4)

Step 4:  Now you need to make the covers.  Trim two pieces of chipboard to fit inside the envelope.  You can do this by measuring the space or by tracing a card as your template and then cutting it slightly bigger so that it fills the whole space.  Then, take one piece and place it inside the top envelope and then add the second piece to the bottom envelope.  Adding the chipboard will stiffen up the covers which will help protect the finished design.
Step 5:  Fold flap over on the first envelope to hide the chipboard that is inside. For the back envelope, cover with paper or card of your choice. Then carefully fold up your album accordion style.

Step 6:  Take one card and center it on top of the envelopes in the first fold

Step 7:  Once you have them centered, punch two small holes through both the card and envelope. (holes should line up on the crease of the folds in both the cards and hooked together envelopes - see completed album photo if clarification is needed)

Step 8:  Thread ribbon or string through holes and tie in place. Knot or bow can either go inside the card or on the outside of the envelope.  I chose to put mine on the outside. Once your first card is in place, repeat steps 6 thru 8 until you have cards attached in all the folds of the envelopes.

Step 9:  When all the cards are in place and attached with ribbon, you should have something that looks like this and is ready to decorate.

Below are some photos of the same project done up in different colors.  Some of you will recognize the red set from Judy's, I taught them in a class at one of her crops.