Aug 25, 2010

A past favorite

Right before we left Maine I was packing up kits and writing a tutorial for this little scrapbook project.  I had agreed to participate in a fund raising auction the year before for a program called Youth Arts.  It was a non-profit organization that was run by moms who wanted to keep the arts in the school.  Honestly, it was a really cool organization and I enjoyed what little role I played.  I worked as a photographer for them for a while, but that's a story for another day...

Anyway, back to the auction.  I agreed to design a project and present a class to the winning bidder and 5 guests.  It reminded me so much of my days when I taught classes for Judy and also when I worked for Simple Scrapbooks Magazine and traveled to conventions.  I was in my element.  However, for whatever reason, life I guess, the winner was never able to schedule a time for the class before we moved.  So, I packed kits and gave her a tutorial instead.  Here's a brief run down of how the project looked in the end.

Back of cover & Page 1:   The cover is made from using two pieces of transparency and sandwiching decorative papers inbetween.  The heart looks like it is floating but in really isn't.  Page 1 lifts to show a place for journaling.

Page 2 & 3:  Just a couple of photos I love and then different ways to journal the memories about each one.  It might be hard to tell but the red part is actually a card that opens to reveal the photo of the twins on the inside.  You can get so much more design space by using lifts and pull-outs.  It's fun to see how many ways you can add more to an album.  This album was really only 4 pages but with all the additions and lifts, it turned into like 9 design surfaces.

Transparency:  I love transparencies.  They just add a little element of surprise to a project.  The photo under this transparency is actually a really "happy" photo.  My kids are running and playing and there are bubbles floating around, it totally captured a very happy moment. So by using the transparency, some paint and alpha stamps, I could very easily tell what was showing underneath in an artful way.

Additions:  I wanted to add a little more to the book so I tore apart some thin cardboard (you can see the torn edge) and created another page.  The littel red square is actually another card that lifts.

All in all, it was a fun project to make and I do hope the winner of the auction was finally able to get together with her friends and make the book.