Jan 6, 2016

Happiest of New Year to you!

Well Hello there, and hello to 2016!

It's been far too long since I've been here and just wanted to drop you a quick hello.  I'm still around.  Still crafting.  Just haven't been posting much.

All is well, no complaints.  The new year rolled in nicely with memories carried over from a calm Christmas and quiet days at home.   Just the way I like it.

I do hope your holiday season was filled with happiness and joy as well.

Because I've received some emails about the following, here are just a few quick things to catch you up to speed on:


I know, Christmas just ended but I am still getting emails daily from people wanting to order.  Good news!  You can - I reopened the Etsy shop and you can start early in purchasing your 2016 Christmas ornaments.  I mean, after all, there are only 353 days til Christmas and you and I both know how quickly those days are going to pass.  Plus, ordering now means you avoid the crazy rush that made me close the shop early in December.

My Girls:

Many of you have been reading this blog since it's beginning.  I've waxed and waned my way through almost 7 years of blog posts.  I admit, it was much easier to post when the girls were little and I didn't work but still, since you are still reading and some of you have asked for updates.  The girls are doing great!

The twins don't look so much like twins anymore.  This past year they have really branched out in their own ways.  It's fun to see them become more individual as they work to define and create their own selves.  And Miss M, well, she's reached a new point in her life and besides the college adventure she is currently on she is looking at leaving the nest for good.  It's too soon to say but I am preparing myself both mentally and on my Pinterest boards to embrace this change and possible upcoming life event. 


Yes, I'm still crafting. I didn't blog it but my two favorite projects are as follows

Bug was in a dinner theater for her school and needed a mid-evil looking dress.  Believe it of not, they are hard to find in stores in December so I took a dress we had on hand from Miss M's prom days and just did a super fast presto-chango.  Took in the sides, changed out the waist, added some trim and long sleeves.  Yes, you are seeing correctly, I used a paper towel to craft a quick pattern for the sleeve.  I tell you what, paper towels are good for all kinds of things.  And, in the end, it turned out pretty good.

And, I also made trees for my mantle.  Just simple green felt cut into leave shapes for the one and then the other I just hand drew a tree shape and cut it out.  Next I hot glued the felt onto a Styrofoam cone. Nothing fancy or hard but it was fun.  I know Christmas is over but I might just have to make more and if I do I'll be more mindful and take pictures for a tutorial that I can share.

So that's all I have to report.  Thank you so much to those of you that have emailed.  I'm not very good at staying on top of my inbox and I know I didn't reply to everyone but your emails matter and mean so much!  Thank You!

Bring on 2016 and bring on the DIY projects and craft adventures!