Sep 27, 2015

Fast Fall Treat

I was in need of a super quick fall treat over the weekend but with temps still kinda high here in Colorado I wasn't really wanting to bake.  Hot oven means hot house and well, ya.  Not what I wanted.  

So I pulled out the crock pot and quickly whipped up some candy covered pretzels.  Did you catch that? I said crock pot.  I  may be the only one who didn't know this but you can totally use your crockpot for melting things.  Seems like common sense but I was always told you had to use the microwave or a double-broiler.  Neither of which work for me.  

The microwave is fast but the candy hardens quickly and so you are constantly re-heating and that usually ends up with clumping or burning.  I feel like I throw out more candy melts than I use.  And I get irritated and usually don't end up sticking with it long enough to make more than a handful of treats. 

The double broiler is not ideal because, well, I don't have one.  Simple as that.

For me, the crock pot is an ideal tool for this.  It keeps it at the right temp.  Is easier for kiddos to use and it's portable.  So, if I wanted I could totally sit on my living room floor, watch a movie and dip pretzels for hours.

So, here's what you do if you want to do your own.

What you need:
Candy Melts
Crock pot
Parchment paper
clean hands  

Step 1:  Dump the candy melts into your crock and set on high - DO NOT COVER

Step 2:  Stir regularly.  You want the clumps to melt evenly

Step 3:  Once the candy melts have fully melted, no more clumps, turn heat to WARM.
This is important as you don't want it to continue to cook or burn.

Step 4:  Spread out a large piece of parchment paper close to your crock pot.  Then start dipping.  Once dipped, place on paper to cool and dry.

Tip:  You could dip the whole pretzel but I never do.  I like the balance of taste with only one side dipped.  And, it's easier to dip this way.  You have a place to hold onto without getting your fingers messy.  This works great if you plan to have little kids helping too as it sets a guide for them and they won't burn their fingers

That is pretty much it.  If you have more than one crock pot you can melt multiple flavors at a time.  I did this activity with my Activity Day girls at church over the summer and it was a hit.  We had three colors of pretzels so I did double batches in each crock pot and the girls got to rotate through and dip a handful of pretzels in each color.  They loved it!

And, it will make a lot so this is great if you need to provide snacks or goodies bags for a large group.  Or, think Christmas neighbor gifts.  It's super easy, not all that expensive and using the crock pot to melt the candy saves a lot of frustration!

Enjoy!  And, Happy Fall!


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