Jun 14, 2015

The Last Dress - Prom Before and After

Well, Hello there!

I have made it through a seriously crazy time and thought it would be good to check back in.  I left off with a mention of the last dress I altered for Miss M.

Ya know, that kid up and graduated on me and I will no longer be altering dresses for dances for her.  It's sad to think about but it is what it is and we've made some good memories over the years.  In her 4 years of high school, we never once bought a dress and had her wear it as is.

So, without further ado, here is the very last dress we modified for her.

The dance was another prom but since she had just been to a prom for her high school a few weeks before this one, she wanted a dress that was a little more fun and flirty.  She called it her fun dress. So that's what we made - a fun dress.

And as per usual, we always start with an inexpensive dress.  $14.99 - not a bad price.

To be honest, as far as modesty issues go, this one was already pretty modest.  The dance standard though was that she needed to have her shoulders covered, so we bought it knowing it we'd need to fix the shoulders.  

And, she wasn't totally in love with it.  Me either, it was a little boring.  However, I saw it as a good canvas and knew we could work some magic.

I'm sorry to say, in all my rush I did not document the steps with pictures but basically here's what we did:

- She wanted it shorter, more tea length so we chopped about 8 inches off the bottom.

- She wanted it POOFY, so I purchased a petticoat to go underneath however when we got it, neither of us like how it looked underneath.  It was bulking and the dress on top just didn't lay right.  So, instead I made a really basic skirt made out of netting that added some structure underneath and we put the petticoat on the OUTSIDE instead of underneath.

She didn't even want to try it on that way.  She said it would be weird but I made her do it anyway and as soon as she did, we both knew - it was EXACTLY the look she wanted.

It was kinda 1950's retro and feminine.  (my mom had a dress pretty similar to this when she was in high school so that connection made me happy)

- and last, we added a small cap sleeve.  I was lucky enough to find a black vest made out of the same lace fabric on the top of the dress so it matched perfectly.  All I had to do is cut off the hood of the vest and craft it into sleeves and we were done!  Oh, and we added a fun red belt with a flower on it mostly to bring in the colors that her date was wearing in his bow tie.

Here's the side-by-side

We were both really happy with the dress and love that she can wear it for other things too.  She took off the pearls and belt and threw on a denim jacket and it looked super cute so she has options with this one.

Another thing we made for this dance was the corsage and Boutonniere.  The theme of the dance was "Life is Sweet" - based on Willy Wonka and candy so Miss M really wanted to have candy in her flowers. 

I'm new to this whole corsage and boutonniere thing.  I've only made one other boutonniere before and that was for a dance just a few weeks before this one so this is new territory for me.  But, I love it.  

I think the trick to adding candy and other things to the arrangement is making sure you are also using real flowers too.  It helps with balancing things out.

Marinne ordered her date's bow tie for him from a shop on Etsy - it's pretty much awesome sauce.  It matches the boutonniere so well.  (to be honest here, everything we made as accents were made to match his bow tie)

And here's another shot of the corsage on.  I love how it turned out.

I mentioned earlier that this dress was the last one I will alter for this girl of mine.  No more high school dances for her  and she's already told me I'm not allowed to touch her wedding dress (several years from now, of course.)   However, I have had fun over the years with challenging myself to not only save money but to create something better than the original.

I will miss this.

Luckily, Bug and Jet still have high school dances in their future.

And, just a quick shout out to Miss M - Congrats kiddo!  I'm proud of all you have done and know great things are in store for your future.  Next stop - college!