Jun 18, 2015

Father's Day Treats

My blog hits have been at a recent high and when I did some digging I found that people are searching for Father's Day ideas.  You just a few days to put something together so if you are still looking for a simple little treat for dad or if you need to make gifts for a large group of men, like a church group, here are two simple little crafts that you can pull together rather quickly.  

I've had several emails lately about this little craft.  Seems there are questions about where I got my supplies and how I made the tag.
You need this type of envelope - it's a security envelope and has the pattern on the inside.  You actually could just use a regular envelope, it would look cute too but I do prefer the pattern as the collar shows up more once it is folded down.

I don't have a file of the saying but it was easy to make, I just typed it out.

The ties are just made out of scraps of pattern paper. and then you just stick a candy bar on the inside.  Flat candy bars like Hershey chocolate bars work best as they don't have much bulk.

These are super cute.  Similar idea with the collared shirt and tie but the inside is folded so that it can hold a little baggie of treats.  You can also include a message like "it's a SWEET treat to have you as my dad!"  You can get the step-by-step on how to fold these HERE

And, on the same lines - this one is a gift card holder.