Aug 31, 2014

DIY $16 Tulle Skirt

Miss M had the bright idea that she wanted to make a skirt.  I've been her mom for long enough that I should know "I want to make a skirt" really means " I want YOU to make me a skirt".  Seems I never learn, or maybe I do because this time it really was a collaborated effort.

She pinned a tutorial she liked from Pinterest.  She wanted fun and flirty but still classy and modest.  I think we hit the mark.

We journeyed to the fabric store, cashed in our coupons and walked out with 7 yards of tulle, a lining fabric, and elastic.

When we got home we had to do the math .... it wasn't hard math but it was math.  Being that I'm a visual learner, and calculations aren't my thing, that was the hardest part.  She made the pattern and then did all the cutting.  I supported her by posting the above photo on Instagram.

Now, lest you think that's all I did, I eventually did help her sew.  I gathered the tulle for her and attached all the layers to the elastic waist.

It did take us probably longer than it should have but that's mostly because we aren't experienced seamstresses and we are easily distracted BUT we did it, and I must say, it wasn't too hard.  So, if we can do it, you can too.

If you are interested, the pattern and directions we followed came from a blog called Everday Reading and the link to the post is here:

The grand total for the skirt was $16.  Miss M also spent a whopping $5 for her necklace and we made the belt out of left over ribbon we already had.  So, not bad.  Her new outfit for church cost us $21.

Funny thing happened while we were taking these photos.  We went to the college campus here in town and this guy, from a distance rides by on his bike and yells "You got it goin' on girl!"  Totally cracked us up.  And after we stopped laughing my Miss M she says to me, "well, the boys at church and school don't think much of me but the college boys do!"

And then we laughed again. (No wonder she's so excited for college next year.)

As a mom I probably should have been like, "she's too young for you" but really, he gave her a compliment that see needed to hear.  So, thanks random guy on a bike!  


LyndaKay said...

Thanks for the link. Your daughter is a lovely girl. Cool outfit. Saving this to make one for my granddaughter some day.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post to read! Loved the personal side story as well as the "how to" for the skirt! Beautiful daughter, beautiful skirt, beautiful post!

Linda L. said...

It's great when the 'make-it-for-me' moves into 'make-it-with-me'! I loved the part where your share of the work was to post a picture on Instagram. Your Miss M is certainly turning into a lovely young lady.
Good job, Mum!

Jil ~ said...

You guys did a great job!! And I can't believe how your Miss M looks so much like her mom! Very Pretty!!

FieryCanuck77 said...

SO CUTE!!! I love it! (Miss M is beautiful! So happy that she got that compliment...and that you both were able to laugh about it!) Thanks for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

So cute!

kim said...

you did a beautiful job and she is a beautiful girl! absolutely love it.

Janssen said...

This turned out so beautifully! I absolutely love it!

Ann Lee said...

That skirt is really cute, like a little sweet princess
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