Jul 2, 2014

Another DIY Easy-Peasy Gift Bag

I've been traveling a little lately which explains my absence.  We took Miss M to the airport in Salt Lake City (yes, we drove her 7 hours to SLC instead of 1 to Denver so she could fly with other girls going on the same trip - it was worth it.  I didn't want her flying alone.)  After we dropped her off Mr. K, Bug, Jet and myself hit the road and took a vacation.

We haven't had a vacation is several years.  Well, we have but not like this one.  When you live away from family, your vacations usually consist of going to visit them.  Without my Dad around though, it's different now.  Utah seems so foreign and even though Kent's family is there and my siblings are there, it's just not the same for me and I really wasn't ready yet to be there long term.

So, instead, we were given the opportunity to go to Yellowstone and we took it.  It was fantastic.  We camped and explored - nature is amazing.... Oh, wait, this post isn't supposed to be about my trip.  It is about a super easy little gift bag though.

I found these cute little bags in the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago.
I bought them as car bags for our trip but didn't end up using them for that.  Instead, I turned them into gift bags. I'm a fan of a good gift bag and I find that the cheap paper, printed versions that tear quickly and get thrown out, just aren't what I'm looking for.  Because of that I'm always on the look out for other options.

Here's the deal on this bag.  It's easy.  Like it took me more time to find my brads than it did to make the project.  Here's what you need to personalize and decorate your own woven bag.

1 - Go to Target and buy a bag.  It's $3 for one but they may be clearancing them out and then you can thank me because they will be even cheaper!

2 - Go to the Dollar Store and buy cheap flowers - they are only a $1 for a bunch

3 - Find some brads in your paper crafting stash from when you used to scrapbook - I have lots!

4 - Pull the flowers off the stems and remove the middles and then push the brad through the center of the flower. (the first time I kept some of the yellow centers but actually didn't like it once they were on the bag so I took them off)

5 - Push flower, with the brad in the center, through the bag and fold over the arms of the brad to secure in place.

6 - Add your gift and that's all!  Done!  It's cute, budget-friendly, re-usable and it could even be used as a purse or summer tote.  Kinda reminds me of the little baskets you can find on the front of a cruiser bike but I guarantee this version is way more economical!

You can also do the same thing on other bags too.  Just make sure they have a loose weave so the brad can go through the material easy.   I bought the little pink clutch above at Hobby Lobby for $1.99.  It's the perfect size for my girls.  They can carry their cell phones and a little cash.

And, don't limit yourself to just large flowers - think about using small ones too.  I actually love this one best, the border that the flowers created are really cute, simple and dainty.

Anyway, enjoy!