Jul 24, 2014

Shoe Holder Storage Solutions

A few weeks ago my girls headed off to their first Girls Camp.  Girls Camp, in my faith, is a camp that is held once a year and is just for the 12-18 year old girls in our congregation.  It really is a lot of fun for the girls.  They go on hikes, have devotionals, play in the sun, giggle and stay up way to late in their tents, serve each other, and just over all have a great time.

One of the traditions at Girl's Camp is to do Secret Sisters gifts.  This means they are assigned another girls name and they do little things for that girl, without the girl knowing who it is - that's the secret part, for the whole time they are at camp.  It can be something simple like leaving a bottle of nail polish with a note, or getting them their favorite candy treat.  It's fun.  My girls were really excited to shop for their secret sisters.

Jul 19, 2014

Cookie Club

I know they say you should leave the past in the past but I must admit I've been having a great time walking down memory lane lately.  I've taken on the big task of clearing out, cleaning up and organizing all my digital photos.  Now, that might not be a big deal but when you have two photographers and you've been shooting digital for the last 9 years, well, it adds up to a pretty big task.

The benefit of it all is how quickly a photo can bring back a memory.  Like these cookies.  Yummm!  Years ago my family started a little monthly service activity.  We called it "cookie club".  I'm sure I've mentioned it somewhere, at some point, on this blog but since I stumbled on these photos I thought it was worth mentioning again as it was a highlight for my family and a really positive service activity.

So what is Cookie Club?  

Jul 16, 2014

DIY Picture Holder & Room Re-do

Miss M has been away but now she is back.

While she was away she turned 17 and since we weren't with her to celebrate her birthday we decided to give her bedroom a little make-over as a birthday surprise.  She's been wanting a more "grown-up" room for awhile now and keeps mentioning how she'd like a room that she can take with her to college.  (FYI:  As her mother, I think the word "college" is a swear word.  Every time she mentions it my body cringes as I am reminded that I have one year left before "college" gets my girl)

As part of our make-over we cleared out the old, painted the walls, added a ceiling light, made new curtains, bought new bedding, swapped out a desk for a bookshelf and constructed a few little projects based off of ideas she pinned on Pinterest.

One of those projects was a framed wire picture holder.  She had a bunch of different versions of these posted on her boards so I knew she liked them.   I showed the idea to Mr. K and he used his smarts to create one for her.  Of course we documented the process so you can make one too should you have the desire.

Here's what you need to get started:

Jul 2, 2014

Another DIY Easy-Peasy Gift Bag

I've been traveling a little lately which explains my absence.  We took Miss M to the airport in Salt Lake City (yes, we drove her 7 hours to SLC instead of 1 to Denver so she could fly with other girls going on the same trip - it was worth it.  I didn't want her flying alone.)  After we dropped her off Mr. K, Bug, Jet and myself hit the road and took a vacation.

We haven't had a vacation is several years.  Well, we have but not like this one.  When you live away from family, your vacations usually consist of going to visit them.  Without my Dad around though, it's different now.  Utah seems so foreign and even though Kent's family is there and my siblings are there, it's just not the same for me and I really wasn't ready yet to be there long term.

So, instead, we were given the opportunity to go to Yellowstone and we took it.  It was fantastic.  We camped and explored - nature is amazing.... Oh, wait, this post isn't supposed to be about my trip.  It is about a super easy little gift bag though.

I found these cute little bags in the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago.