Jun 14, 2014

Decorative Paper Mache Trinket Boxes

Soooo, I was planning to get this post up a few days ago, you know, in case your kids needed a Father's craft but I let life happen instead.

We are gearing up to send my Miss M to Ecuador and it is seriously consuming my mind.  She will turn 17 while she is there.  17!  She's currently working two jobs.  She is really independent and smart, has a college and a wedding board, both filled with ideas, on Pinterest, and she can't wait to be older.  Yet just two days ago I bought her a pillow pet, per her request.  My point in all this, I'm just trying to enjoy these days.  Smiling at her growth and excitement at life but yet, at the same time, trying to hang on to my little girl.  Needless to say, that's where my mind and heart have been this week.  Plus, as you know, Father's day, especially this year is a little tough for me so I'm trying to not focus on it.

With all that said, I still have a craft for you though.  And, really, it can be used for any occasion not just Father's day.

You all know these paper mache boxes that come in a gazillion shapes and sizes, right?  I've had a few in my craft stash for awhile.  I used to buy these when my girls were little and I'd let them paint them.  They loved it, they were so proud of their creations and then they would use them to hide things like un-eaten string cheese and all kinds of treasures.

So, to get started - paint your boxes. Have fun with them and if you don't like the color, just let them dry and then paint over them.  They are pretty forgiving.

While your paint is drying, dig out your clay and mold a few little shapes.  Above is just a basic heart shape.  The trick to making an item to put on the lid of your box is that you need to shape it on a flat service.  The bottom/back side needs to be really, really flat.  That way when you attach it to the box, it will lay flat on there as well.

So, I shaped a heart, checked the back for flatness and then I used a stamp to add some detail.  Then I baked the clay for 15 minutes in a pre-heated 275 degree oven. I also made a rocket, a bird and a blue polka-dot heart.  You'll see those below.

Once the clay is cooked and cooled, paint it and put a coat of polyurethane on it. (for details on painting cooked clay, check out this tutorial:  Clay Flower Pendant)

Next, use super glue and attach your clay creations to your painted boxes.

Once the glue is dry put a coat of polyurethane over everything and let it dry.

You could be done at this point.  You'd have a cute little box that is ready to fill with a treasure or give as a gift.  Or, if you have rub-ons or stickers in your craft stash, pull them out.  Add some words or messages to your work and, then, one more time, add on one last coat of polyurethane to seal the rub-ons/stickers in place.

Easy, right?!  This little rocket box is going to Mr. K.  He needs a place to hide his treasures.  Finger nail clippers and AA batteries.  Seems the girls keep using those two things and he can never find them.  This way he can put his treasures in this little box and hide it!  He'll be so happy!  Plus, he likes rockets and was the one who suggested that I make a rocket - smart guy he is.

And, what the heck, I felt I needed a little place to keep my treasures too.  My treasures are scissors, tape, and glue.  Seems the girls like to use those items too and I can never find them either.

Anyway, that's it.  Enjoy!