Apr 21, 2014

Left Over Egg Cartons?

Hey, you know how you just painted and decorated a whole slew of eggs this past weekend?  You know how now you are trying to find clever ways to use hard-boiled eggs in every recipe?  Ya, I know.  I feel your pain.  I can't really help you will the recipes but if you are looking for a way to recycle those egg cartons once the eggs are all used up, well here you go....

It's a flash back craft but a good one no less!  Enjoy!

Egg Carton Flowers

So here's what you do...

Apr 14, 2014

Flash Back Craft of the Day: Bunny Card

I've been getting some emails about craft projects seen on Pinterest.  I guess a lot of them aren't link to the actual post which makes it hard for people to find the tutorials.  Soooo, this week I'll be doing some flash back craft posts.

First up, drum roll please......   The Bunny Card!  (First posted in 2012)

I made this, it's a fun little Easter card. If you want to make one for yourself here's the supplies you will need and a quick tutorial.

Apr 13, 2014

Making Modest out of Immodest

Tonight was Prom night.  This night has been a year in the making, kinda.  We found a dress last year on clearance, it was a $109 and marked down to just $22 buckaroos.  Miss M wasn't even old enough to date at the time but she loved the color and it had potential and we knew that at some point in the future she'd have the opportunity to wear it.  

The problem though, despite the great price, it was not modest.  

Now, I know my idea of a modest dress is probably different from most.  I've seen lots of girls wearin' similar things.  Strapless dresses seem to be the norm but I've never been the norm and that's how I like it.  I fully believe that the way you dress sends a message, good or bad, it sends a message.  What message would my 16 year old daughter, with cut-out pieces on the side and a strapless dress be sending?  Not the kind of message I want her to be sending, that's for sure.  

She's beautiful, talented, smart, and amazing and she doesn't need to dress in less to get attention - period!  And, if she did, is that attention the kind of attention she wants?  I hope not.

Also, our church encourages our youth (and adults too) to dress modestly.  We have a booklet that is for teenagers called For The Strength of Youth that talks about a lot of different areas on how to be exemplar youth in God's eyes.  One of the topics is dress and appearance.  I love that it breaks down the reasons why modesty is important and I agree whole heartily with what it says.

Any way....  my point.  Here's the dress before (yes, she is wearing a shirt under it, you know, for modesty reasons)

The dress had lattice work up the sides that showed bare skin underneath - not so good.  
Those areas needed to be filled in. 

Apr 2, 2014

Light Released

Light Released
By Amy J Williams

Another light has been released from my life
The sorrow, the sadness, the darkness, the strife

My heart aches, my head pounds, my eyes burn
I question why Death has so quickly returned

I’m alone in my home, there's no laughter or joy
My God, why this pain do you deploy?

But then in my solitude, I no longer feel alone
He reminds me, life is eternal beyond body or bone

In that I find comfort, peace fills my anguished soul
Her light has released but through Him her spirit remains whole


Written tonight as I waited for the call, I knew it wouldn't be long as my family had gathered together in Utah and my brothers gave her one last blessing. A blessing of release.

I love you Merrleen - thank you for being my "mom" for the last 28 years!