Dec 18, 2013

Here's Mine

Remember my previous post about the holiday cards?  And, remember how I mentioned it being super easy to order them?  And remember how I said Katie is awesome?  Well, I wasn't lying.  After I posted I went and ordered my own.  She had a proof to me right away and I love them.  Wanna see?

It's also my early wish you for you all, normally I post our card on Christmas Eve but I might just avoid the computer on that day this year.

(check out little Jet's attitude!  We did these with the self timer so there was no one behind the camera encouraging her smile and we didn't even see the "tude" until we got home.  We love it anyway, attitude and all, it makes us laugh and reminds us of the stage in life we are in.)

Anyway, Katie is still taking orders and after you get the file from her, and  if you send them to your 1-hr printer, you really can get them in the mail and they will still make it in time, and even if they don't, the sentiment is still really nice.  Remember to use the coupon code "AMYSTHEBEST" at check out and you'll get a discount off your order.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas, or should I say "kiss-mas!"


beth jillette said...

You have such a beautiful family!
Love the card. Best of luck with this stage of life.......;)
Merry Merry Christmas

Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

Your card is so cute! = )

Happy Holidays!