Nov 27, 2013

Turkey Name Holder

I do realize it's the night before Thanksgiving, and this tutorial may not actually help you until next year but I still wanted to share.   I was at Target the other day and my mind just doesn't see things as it should.  You might be standing in line and see a package of Ice Breakers on sale and think, "cool, discount.  Yummy mints!"

But I saw that same package, thought the discount was awesome and saw Turkey' place holders instead of yummy mints.  

I know.  I'm a little weird.  It's just how my brain works.

If you are looking for a last minute detail to add to your Thanksgiving table, here's how I made them.

Supplies needed:

1 - Package of Ice Breakers
2- Tan pipe cleaners
4 to 8 - cut out feathers from scrapbook paper
1- 1 large circle cut from brown paper
1- 1 head from brown paper
1- beak
2 - feet
glue dots

Step 1:  Start by turning your pipe cleaners into the design above.  Take one and fold in half, like into a "v".  Tie knots for the knees on each leg.  Then make a loop for thread the arms into.  Fold the pipe cleaner just under the loop at a 90 degree angle.

Step 2:  Using a glue dot, attach the Ice breakers to pipe cleaners

Step 3:  Add the body, head and beak.  And then draw on two little eyes.

Step 4:  Add the feathers to the back and if desired, make a little name sign.  These can be used to mark place settings or just to help add decoration to your Thanksgiving table.  You could even turn the kiddos loose and let them craft while you cook!

Enjoy and most importantly, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 5, 2013

New Ornaments

Update: 11/30/2013 - THANK YOU!!!  The response to our first round of orders was fantastic.  I've had several emails about ordering so I want you to know we have restocked and we are up and running again.  All new orders MUST be placed by December 7th in order to get them to you in time for Holiday gift giving!  If you are local, you can email me your order.  If not, you can purchase them through Etsy.

Yesterday was registration day for Miss M's big Humanitarian trip.  I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of freaking out.  I mentioned to my friends that I'm having this back and forth conversation in my head.  One side is saying, "yes, this is awesome and will be a great experience for her!"  The other side, the fearful side, is saying, "Ecuador is really, really, really far away - ARE YOU CRAZY?!"

So, if you are just tuning in and have no idea what I'm talking about, my daughter has a desire, and has been working really hard to save money, to go on a Humanitarian trip to South America next summer.  She wants to go build rooms in a special needs orphanage and I think it's pretty cool.  She's done well with saving her money but is still short.  I posted about it awhile ago and explained how she is going to sell ornaments to help earn the money.  (Yes, I'm one of those parents who believe the trip will be more meaningful to her if she works for it so she has to do her part to get there.) Since we registered yesterday and she paid her deposit, it's all becoming very real.

Here's were you come in, if you are still looking for a fun little personalized Christmas gift, or just want some cute new ornaments for yourself, please consider supporting her fundraising efforts.  We even, yes I helped, came up with some new designs.  Here are all the ornaments that she will be making and selling.  I've noted specific info about them below and you can find more details in my Etsy shop too.

Religious Designs:

Left to right:  Mary and Baby Jesus (new), LDS Temples- we will do custom orders if you are looking for something other than the SLC temple, and the Nativity (new) .....  $8.50 each - all of these can be personalized with names and dates on the back

Snowmen Designs:
Left to right:  Snowman with stars (new),  Snowman Reaching (new), and Snowman Flakes Large size ..... all are $8.50 - all of these can be personalized with names on the front or the back

Christmas Trees:
Left to right:  Tree with ornaments (new), Full Tree ..... both are $8.50 - both can be personalized with names, dates or sayings on the front or on the back

Other Designs:

 Left to right:  Dove with Olive branch round - $8.50, Let it Snow Snowman - $9.25, Red Peace Dove - $8.50.  All can be personalized with names on back or on the snowman, a name can replace the "let it snow" statement

 Left to right:  Angel, Skating Penguin (new), and cropped Snowman ... all are $8:50 - for the smaller size shown, personal names can be added to back, if you'd like it personalized on the front, the ornament will be slightly larger

Thanks so much for considering supporting her in the adventure.  If you have any questions or specific requests please drop me a quick email:  thenshemade (at) gmail (dot) com. and be sure to check out the listings on Etsy by following the link below: