Sep 13, 2013

Snowman Ornament Tutorial

Schools were canceled today due to all the flooding in Northern Colorado.  Flooding is all around us, we couldn't leave Fort Collins even if we wanted to because bridges are closed and the interstate is shut down BUT we are safe and the area we live in is on higher ground and away from flooded land.

Even though we are safe, it is still scary though.  I'm reminded again to embrace life because things can change so quickly.  I'm also reminded about how important it is to be prepared.  I went to Walmart today with the girls and was so surprised at how frantic people were.  We went for candy and some items to make cookies with but most of the people there were buying emergency items.  I did try to buy a few extra things of water just in case our water gets shut off but the bottled water aisle was completely bare.  People were running to the shelves to get other items too.  I think it kind of freaked the girls out a little.

Anyway, the city officials are encouraging people to stay in and stay home.  We have more rain in the forecast tonight so we aren't in the clear yet.  But, since I'm home, it's the perfect time to share the tutorial I was going to share a long time ago.  So, here you.....

To make this ornament you will need the following...

1 block of Sculpey or Premo clay, Pearl color
Snowman stamp
long Razor
Paper piercer (toothpick will work)
Brown Paint
Lumiere Acrylic
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers

Step 1:  Condition your clay.  Basically just squish it and mush it and make it soft and workable.

Step 2:  Then flatten it out.  I usually put mine in between two sheets of wax paper.  You will need two flattened sections of it.  One for the snowman and one for the "let it snow" part.

Step 3:  Remove one layer of the wax paper and stamp the snowman design into your clay.

Step 4:  Using your long razor, cut the excess clay from your design so that you have a rectangle.

Step 5:  Once you have the main design cut to size, cut a portion of the other clay off so you have a straight line like shown in the photo above.

Step 6:  Put the flat part you just cut up against the bottom of the snowman part.  Then trim the sides to match the same width as the snowman design.  And, finally trim the bottom so that you have something like in the photo above.

Step 7:  While you have the two pieces lined up, poke holes as shown above.  Make sure they are big enough for your wire to eventually thread through them. 

Step 8:  This step might be hard to see.  Using your paper piercer spell out your saying in little dots.

Step 9:  Then, once you get it how you want it, go back over it and connect the dots to make sold lines.

Step 10:  Bake your clay on a paper lined cookie sheet - just regular printer paper is fine - for 15 to 18 minutes at 275 degrees.  Let cool.

Step 11:  Take your brown paint and paint your ornament.  Making sure to work the paint into the design and then using a damp paper towel, wipe off the excess paint.  Do this for both the snowman and also the saying. 

Step 12:  Using the Lumiere paint the hearts red.

Step 13: Once your paints are completely dry, use the polyurethane and add a finish to your ornament pieces.  (Sorry, I don't have photos of steps 10 - 13 but I have a similar tutorials so you can see visuals here if needed)

Once it is baked, painted and finished it should look like the photo above.

 Now it's time to add the wire and connect the two pieces together.  I picked up my wire art Walmart  for just a $1.  You could also use help or ribbon too, just make sure your holes are big enough.

Step 14:  Cut three pieces of wire.  One fairly long for the top and two smaller lengths. (sorry, I forgot to measure them out but my guess is the small ones are about 3 inches)

Step 15:  Put one piece of wire through the two holes on one side of the ornament and then turn it over and twist the wire together.  Cut off any excess and with pliers, fold the twisted part down so it lays flat against the ornament.  Repeat those steps for the other side so that when you are done the two pieces are connected together and the saying hangs evenly from the top part like shown below.

Step 16:  Next, thread the longer wire through the top two holes in the ornament like shown above.  On each side take the wire from the back and carefully wrap it around the wire in the front and cut off any excess.  It should look like the photo below when you are done.

And there you go!  You are done and have a really cute Christmas ornament!

Ok, I know that I just basically taught you all my tricks BUT if you don't want to make these yourself, Miss M and I are selling this ornament and some other designs in my Etsy shop.  She is working on saving for a humanitarian trip to Peru next summer and has asked if she could help me out in my shop as a way to make money.  All ornament sells will go towards her trip.  We are happy to customize them too with names or sayings.  You can see this one and other designs here: