Sep 23, 2013

Quick, which one?

I cleaned my room the last night.

Is that too much information to share here?  Seems like a strange statement for a grown woman to be making.  Nonetheless, I did.  I cleaned it, well part of it, and guess what I found?

Remember these?

I found them in the back corner of my closet.  

Remember what I did with some of them last Winter?

Don't 'cha think I need a Fall or Halloween themed fabric bolt door decor?

Yep, I think so!  But what should I make?

A Mummy?
A Scarecrow?
A Witch?

Quick, which one would you like to see a tutorial on?  Leave me a comment and share your choice.

Sep 16, 2013

Oh Sweet Colorado

If you didn't already know, I live in Northern Colorado.  I live smack dab in the middle of two of the rivers that have crested and as you probably know from the news, the flooding has caused some major destruction.  I am safe but many people around me are not.  Needless to say, over the last few days there have been many things on my mind.

(photo credit:  Unknown)

Sep 13, 2013

Snowman Ornament Tutorial

Schools were canceled today due to all the flooding in Northern Colorado.  Flooding is all around us, we couldn't leave Fort Collins even if we wanted to because bridges are closed and the interstate is shut down BUT we are safe and the area we live in is on higher ground and away from flooded land.

Even though we are safe, it is still scary though.  I'm reminded again to embrace life because things can change so quickly.  I'm also reminded about how important it is to be prepared.  I went to Walmart today with the girls and was so surprised at how frantic people were.  We went for candy and some items to make cookies with but most of the people there were buying emergency items.  I did try to buy a few extra things of water just in case our water gets shut off but the bottled water aisle was completely bare.  People were running to the shelves to get other items too.  I think it kind of freaked the girls out a little.

Anyway, the city officials are encouraging people to stay in and stay home.  We have more rain in the forecast tonight so we aren't in the clear yet.  But, since I'm home, it's the perfect time to share the tutorial I was going to share a long time ago.  So, here you.....

To make this ornament you will need the following...

Sep 10, 2013

Better Bigger: Flower Hair Pins

I'm slowly trying to get back into my normal groove.  I've got a few tutorials almost ready for y'all but wanted to quickly address a request I got right before everything happened in August.  And, after the initial request came in, I have had two other people ask for the same thing, soooo, without further delay.  Here you go!

I was asked to make flower bobby pins in a larger size.

So, I did.  The photo on the left shows the original set of itty-bitties and the one on the right shows the larger size.

Sep 6, 2013

The Best Gift

12 years ago, in a round about way, I gave myself the best gift I could ever give myself. 
 I just didn't know it at the time.

For Father's day in 2001 I got together with my brothers and sisters and we worked on a gift for my dad. Everybody wrote down random memories that they had of my Dad.  Things they remembered from growing up, things they remembered as adults.  It didn't matter when the memory was from it just had to be a memory specific to them, about him.  

Once they had their memories listed they sent them to me and I typed them up and made my dad a scrapbook of sorts of our memories.  Then I tied some raffia around it, wrote a poem telling him what it was, and sent it his way as a Father's Day gift from his kids.