Aug 5, 2013

Christmas Ornament Giveaway

I was in a local craft store last week and it was all deck out like Christmas was here.  I'm sure this is happening where you live too.  To be honest I kind of feel bad for the employees of those stores, they have to deal with Christmas overload for 5 months before it really truly is the Christmas season.  It must throw them off a bit.  And, while I feel bad for them, I couldn't help but wonder if people are already gearing up for the holidays?  I mean, do those $500 fake Christmas trees at Hobby Lobby really sell in August?  Seems odd.

The whole idea has made me curious, are you an early shopper?  Do you shop for Christmas presents and decorations in August?

My niece starts early on her gift shopping and is usually done by mid-September.  I like that idea, it seems budget friendly and on-the-ball but it's really not me.  There is something about waiting until the 90 degree temps are long gone before I start Christmas shopping.  I like that.  I like shopping in sweaters and even snow.

While I may not shop early, I do like to dream up decor ideas and make ornaments.  Case in point, I made the ornament above last week.  It's August and snow was no where to be found, instead we were having heavy rain and a tornado watch but I enjoyed making it anyway.  

Do you want it?  I'll happily send it to one of my readers.

Just tell me two things:  When do you start shopping/creating for Christmas and if you'd be interested in seeing a tutorial on how to make the ornament.

Easy enough right?

I'll take comments until Friday, August 9th. And be sure to leave a way to contact you - I've had giveaways before where the winner never claims their prize because they didn't leave a way for me to contact them - so sad - don't be that person.