Jul 19, 2013

Shimmer, Shiny!

It seems my CLAY PENDANTS are gaining new life.  Even though my original post is over two years old, there has been lots of Pinterest pinning going on and I've had some questions emailed in about them, too.  Because of this I thought I'd show you all a quick little twist and something else that is fun to do with them. Polymer clay is really fun to work with because you can finish it in a lot of different ways. 

If you are familiar with my pendants you know that I usually use colored clay and then give them an antique look by adding in some brown paint.  Then I varnish them and call it good.  But something else that is fun is to make them with white clay, then paint them with the brown paint and before you varnish them, add in some shimmery color.  Here's what I mean...

I love, love, love Lumiere.  It's a metallic acrylic paint that is super easy to use.  In the photo above I have a clay pendant that I stamped, baked, and painted with the brown paint.  I then wiped off the brown paint  everywhere but leaving it in the grooves of the design.  (if you want more info, you can read up on the original tutorial here:  http://www.thenshemade.com/2011/08/word-pendant-tutorial.html)  Then I took a little drop of gold Lumiere and just painted it on the petals of the flower. 

I really don't think the photo does it justice but the Lumiere has a really great shimmer, shiny finish to it that is awesome!  And, once you get the varnish on it, it looks even better.

Here's a finished pendant I did with some little blue Forget-me-not flowers.

And, as you know, I just celebrated a special day with my Mr. K so I made some Christmas ornaments and I used the paint to add a little grey shimmer - just a really light coat - to the temples and then some gold to the tops.  Love them!  It's just the right touch to dress them up.

So there you go.  If you've tried your hand at the clay pendants using the color clay, now you can try them in white and add some shimmer, shiny of your own.


* This was not a sponsored post - just a fun product to use if you like to play with clay.