Jul 1, 2013

Miss M and the Creative People Who Love Her

Today was a celebration day at our house.  For the past 16 days we've been faithfully doing our 16 day countdown to when Miss M turns 16.  Every morning I'd go down to her room and give her a new envelope to open.  I even made sure she had her envelopes while she was away at Girls Camp and youth Conference.

It's been super fun to countdown with her and we made it - she is now officially 16!

It's been a fun day.  She has had wishes, and gifts, and phone calls, and texts and even some special deliveries. But the two things that stand out most are the gifts from some really creative and talented people, and to be honest, I'm sooo jealous!  

All I can say is it's good to have friends that are crazy talented!  Here's what I mean.

The door bell rang this afternoon and there stood one of Miss M's good friends and her mom with this delicious looking thing in their hands.  Doesn't it give a whole new meaning to FRUIT CAKE?  I think, yes!    Miss M and her friend were joking last week while at youth conference about having a watermelon cake and  that's just exactly what it is - they made her a cake out of watermelon, yum!  I'm so keeping this idea, I love it!  Super creative!

And, can you see this cute bag?  It was left wrapped up on our door step last week but Miss M was gone so we didn't know who it was from or what it was.  When Miss M opened the gift I'm quite certain all the females in my household squealed with delight.  I've thought about trying to steal  borrow it from her but I will wait until tomorrow when it isn't her birthday - cause I'm nice like that.  This bag was made especially for Miss M by a family friend and I so admire her talent.  She is an amazing seamstress.  The bag is so well made and it is so cute!  Plus, she nailed it perfectly to match Miss M's style and taste.  

See what I mean?  I'm so glad we have creative and talented friends who bless my daughter with their love.  

Now, actually, here's some more creative and talented people....

Ah, Mr. K makes an appearance on Then She Made...  he creatively put together a little video tribute.  The end, where it shows her from day 1 chronologically growing up makes me all teary!  

Oh, and let's not forget that I'm kind of creative too.  Look what I made in photoshop ...

Ya, just keepin' it real people.  Just keepin' it real!

(please know she was showing us what it is like to be a velociraptor, something she and her friends were doing at camp, and lucky for us we had the camera in hand.  She gave me full permission to post this photo - I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously and likes to be silly and fun)   

Happy Birthday Miss M and thank you to all who helped her to have a great day!