Jul 14, 2013

Compliments to the Creative Crafter & I'm Back

I've been a way for a bit.  Trying to put things in order, spend time with family, and I even took a small and very short trip to a neighboring state to pick up Miss M from a youth camp.  We ended up having a few people we love find their way to the hospital while we were gone and we didn't get to see everyone we wanted but it's ok.  It's all good now and life here at Then She Made can now get back to normal.  

Before I start sharing my own crafts again, I did want to do a couple of shout out to some very creative crafters.  Last year when I went to pick up Miss M  I took a small detour on the way home and hit up the Farmer's Market in down town Salt Lake City, Utah.  It's by far my most favorite things to do while I'm in Utah.  It runs every Saturday morning in the summer right in the heart of SLC and they take a whole city block and divide it up.  The south half is all craft and artists and the North half is produce and food and sometimes in the middle they have musicians. It's fun!

Roaming booth to booth on the craft side fills me with so much inspiration and also respect.  I totally love and respect those artist who have a vision and are willing to put their talent out there.  I wish so badly I could support every one of them and purchase something from them all but I can't.  So, instead, I set a budget and usually find one booth to support.  Here's what I bought last year - we still love this little guy!

This year I found a very talented jewelry maker that just made me giddy.  He upcycles all his materials.  He uses only recycled and salvaged materials and all his pieces are hand crafted, hand forged, and eco friendly. I was pretty impressed and he was even making some items right on site so you could see him work.  It was cool.

(photos by me, rings by Tattooed Tinker Studio)

I bought the ring on the right and Miss M bought the one on the left.  Aren't they awesome.  I also would have loved some of his bracelets but will have to grab those next time.  

So, my compliment to the creative crafter goes to the Tattooed Tinker Studio

If you happen to be in SLC on a Saturday morning go find him at the Farmer's market and if you aren't in SLC just go find him online.  He has an Etsy shop but it is currently listed as on vacation so check out his website instead.

And, my next compliment to the creative crafter really goes to an author but since writing is a craft I think it counts.  A big, huge CONGRATS, to my sister-in law Joy.  She writes pretty amazing stories and had one chosen and published in a children's compilation book called:

Joy's story is called Kingdom of Dragons and we are so excited that her talents get to be shared with so many.  If you love to read to your child there are 31 short stories in this book by varies authors.  You can buy it in either Kindle form or in paperback at Amazon.  Seriously, go check it out!

That's all for now.  I'll be back to sharing my own work and tutorials soon!

***  Also, please know I was not paid or asked to feature any of these items.  I just like to share and when I find something I love I think other people should find out about them too .... Enjoy!