May 3, 2013

Friday's Fast Five

I've been busily working away on a few things today and thought I'd show you the five things that have been taking up the minutes in my day.  Because, really, I know you want to know.  :)

Mother's Day orders - did you all realize that Mother's day is in 9 days?  Yup, it snuck up on me too.  I've been working on filling orders as well as listing new items.  Trying to get all the orders out on Monday morning so if you still wanted in on the action, there is time.  I can even send it directly to mom for you.  You can check out my stuff here:  

Father's Day - I'm ahead of the game on this holiday.  Mother's day may have snuck up on me but last night I made Father's day crafts, 80 of them to be exact.  It wasn't all me, I planned it out and got all the supplies but the women's organization in my church got together and cranked them out.  It was awesome and what they say is true, many hands do make light work.  We have a tradition that we always give the men in our congregation a little gift/treat on Father's day.  These are what we will be giving them this year.  And, because I know I will get asked, I'll share a tutorial and more details on them soon.

Flower Hair Pins - These little bobby pin flowers have been keeping me on my toes.  They are super cute and I'm getting a lot of requests for them.  I had just three different color sets listed in my Etsy shop but I've been sewing all week and am happy say that I'll be listing several more color sets tonight.  Pinks, reds, purples, and more  - so cute. 

Water and Adorable Straws - I'm trying again to remember to drink water.  I'm not good at that but I am getting better.  My trick?  Make your water cute.  Psychologically the cute straw works wonders and I'm certain it makes my water taste more fun.  It's true.

And, as an added bonus, since my girls have my same need to decorate their water, they think I'm the best mom ever for buying these straws.  Who knew that such a simple act could get me so much love and praise - I'll take it!  My friend Katie, who is awesome and very talented, sells these in her shop.  She does amazing things with invitations and announcements and all things paper.  If you want to make your water cute too go check out her straws and other things.

Mustaches - Do you think mustaches will ever go out of style?  Bug and Jet have been home from school for three days.  One was a snow day, the other two were a school wide break.  To keep them entertained I took them shopping.  Of all the things they could have bought, we came home with fuzzy staches.  we've gotten a lot of mileage out of these little things too.  Awesome!  

Anyway, those are five fast things on this Friday night.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!