May 20, 2013

Father's Day Treat Tutorial

Awhile back I posted about a service project the women of my church did to prepare for Father's day.  It's a tradition that on Father's Day we give all the men in our congregation a treat.  It's just a token to let them know we appreciate their dedication and service.  I pulled all the stuff together and with their help we cranked out 80 origami shirts that have a little bag of treats hidden inside.  It was awesome to get them all done.

Want to know how we made them?  Here's what we did.

First, gather your supplies.  It doesn't really take much but you will need...

  • Paper - I used a kids art paper that measured 9x12.  It was the perfect size.  You can find this paper at stores like Hobby Lobby in the kids art area by the Crayola.  It's just cheap drawing paper and I think it came with 30 sheets to a pad.  
  • Pattern Paper scraps for tie
  • Small plastic bags to hold the treats
  • Treats, we used snack sized candy bars and such
  • Glue
  • Stapler

Step 1 - Lay your paper flat in front of you (this photo makes the paper look square, it's not it actually measures 9 x 12)

Step 2 - Take your paper and fold it in half long wise.  It was funny because at our meeting one of the sisters described the way to fold it as making it a hot dog bun.  Hot dog buns are folded long and hamburger buns are folded shorter.  I'd never heard that description before but I totally get it.  You want your paper folded long and skinny, not short and fat.  

Anyway, once you've fold it and creased the fold, open your paper back up so you can see your fold line. 

Step 3 - Next, take each side of your paper and fold them into the center fold line like shown above.

Step 4 - Keeping your paper folded, turn it over so that the sides you just folded are now on the bottom.

Step 5 - On one end of the paper, carefully fold down the edge about a half an inch.  

Step 6 - Next, turn your paper back over and fold one corner on an angle so that the corner point touches the center line.   Then, after you have one side done, repeat the step with the other side.

This makes the collar of the shirt.

Step 7 - Now that the collar is done we need to make the sleeves.  One the opposite end of the paper from the collar, take one side and fold a triangle shape outward from the center fold.  To get the best results, fold from the corner.  You don't want your triangle (sleeve) too big or too small so just use good judgement and re-fold if necessary.  After you do one side, repeat the process and fold out the other side so that you have something that looks similar to what is shown above.     

Step 8 - Next make a crease about 5 inches down from the top of the collar. 

Step 9 - Then, make another crease approximately 4 inches from the other end and then tuck the front of the shirt under the collar flaps.  Technically your shirt is now done.  However to turn it into a gift there are a few more steps. 

Step 10 - Add on a tie.  I just free hand cut a tie using scraps of patterned scrapbook paper.  You could also draw on a pocket or add little buttons. 

Step 11 - Next, package up some fun little treats inside of a clear little treat bag.  We used snack size candy bars and some tootsie rolls. 

Step 12 -   Then you add a little note and staple both the note and the treat bag to the back of the shirt.  Our note said:
"It's a SWEET TREAT to have you in our ward"
Happy Father's Day!

(Because there are usually multiple congregations of our faith in an area we divide them into, and call them, wards)

And there you have it - a cute little gift ready to be passed out on Father's day.

You can also fold these shirts without the space in the middle and turn them into gift card holders.  I wrote about that a few years ago and you can see that post here:  Gift Card Shirts

And if you want a refresher on what we gave them last year you can check out this post.  It's a similar idea only you use a full size candy bar and an envelope.  Tie-rific Father's Day gift