Mar 23, 2013

Miss M and the Girls Camp Project

It's that time of year again.  We have started planning our our summer schedules, prepping for upcoming fun, looking at travel routes and blocking off dates on the calendar.  It's only the end of March but summer comes - and I must say, goes - so quickly.  Some advanced planning is always a good thing. 

One thing we always plan for every summer is girls camp.  It's a faith based camp just for girls aged 12-18.  I went as a kid and loved it. It was a significant part of helping me become me.  Miss M is currently my only girl that is old enough to go right now.  She's get's to be what they call a YCL (youth camp leader) this year and she is very, very excited.  

The down side for her is that she has to pay her own way.  As a parent, I'm all for it.  I think teaching my kid to work for what they get is important.  I think it's a life skill, that in our land of excess, sometimes gets forgotten.  Yes, it's easier to just pay for her, but that gives her the easy way out.  So, in her brain storming process of how she could earn money to pay for camp, she decided to bring back her headbands.  She sold them last summer and wants to make them again.

So, if you are in need (or possibly want) of some cute, no-slip head bands, she'd love to make them for you.  She currently has 19 different headbands of various colors and patterns available for purchase in my Etsy shop.  19!  That's a lot of choices.

Last summer, this head band, the black and white sheer one above, was her best seller.   

Followed closely by these sparkly ones.  These head bands are non-slip, they are backed with velvet and have soft elastic that helps hold them comfortably to your head.  Even though these were the top sellers, her other options are pretty cute too - so be sure to check them all out.  

And, here's a deal for you - buy 3 get one free!  
when you go to check out of Etsy, if you buy three be sure to leave her a note in the comment section telling her which head band you liked as your free one.

She's also selling these:

I know I just did a tutorial on them but you know, if you liked them but don't want to make them yourself, she's your gal - she'd love to make them for you.  They come 7 to a set and you can get them in a mix of colors like shown above or...

you can pick the color you like best and get ALL 7 in the same color.  The color options are gold, coral, teal, off-white, lavender, navy and tan (tan is not shown)

So, there you have it.  She'd love to make some things for you and in return, your order helps her get to camp!  It's a win-win for all involved!  She works, you get a cute item.

Go check out her headbands and flower hair pins in my shop:

And, thanks for helping her out!

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