Mar 10, 2013

MAXI-mum Success!

So, last Thursday we got a call from the school.  A cute little girl was in the nurses office not feeling well.  The following picture basically sums up how every day since then has been.  Four days of yucky!

Poor thing!  We'll have moments where we think she's on the mend but then her fever will come back.  So, needless to say, I've been at home a lot the last couple of days. That's the bad news.

The good news is that I've been home a lot the last couple of days!  And, because of it, I've had some sewing successes.  Want to see?

(you can click on the photos to see them bigger)

I made Maxi skirts for all three girls.  (Bug had to model Jet's pink skirt because Jet just wasn't up to it)

It all started when I took the girls shopping for fabric over President's day weekend.  I let them pick out some fabric.  The fabric got washed but then quickly shelved into the "to-do someday" section of my craft piles.  With the recent down time though, it was perfect timing to pull out the fabric and get to work.

Have you made a yoga-band maxi before?  Holy moly - they are easy!!!  Each skirt took me about an hour, maybe less.

I'm sorry to say I started to take pictures of the process with the intent of doing a tutorial but got too wrapped up in the sewing and forgot to take more.  The good news is that there are a ton of tutorials in blogland on this very subject.  Some better than others, of course, but they are there.  Or, just search pinterest for "DIY Maxi skirt" and you'll get a lot of results.  

I read a few but in the end just ended up making up my own directions.  I've never been good at following directions or patterns.  I'm very visual so just laying the fabric out and taking a few measurements, worked for me.

Bug's skirt is above.  She just wanted a solid color and choose a turquoise blue.  She has this lace vest that she loves and wanted a skirt that would go with it.  I think it's funny how my tween's are getting into the fashion thing.  Ugh!

Miss M's is next.  Actually we bought her a deep magenta knit to make a dress and the fabric shown, well, I actually bought it for me but when we brought the fabric home she kept saying how much she liked it soooo, it became her's.

I think Jet's is my favorite though.  She picked this pink stripe but it had polka-dots on the back.  If I was a better seamstress I would have made it reversible.  But I'm not that good.

Instead, I made it so the yoga-band was the polk-dot and the skirt was the stripe.  I love the contrast.  They have this fabric in blue and white and also in black and white.  I'm thinking I may need to buy more and make another one.

Anyway, all three skirts were quick and easy to make.  The girls love them because they are stylish and comfortable and I love them because they were pretty simple and in-expensive to make.  Just some knit fabric, thread and some time!