Mar 8, 2013

Itty Bitties

Good News!  If you don't want to make your own, I have several different color selections and groupings available in my Etsy shop.  Click the link below to see the selections and to make your purchase!  Thanks!


So two years ago I went on a flower kick.  I made a bunch of different flowers for my girls to wear in their hair.  I kind of went over board, I may have even been slightly addicted, and we had a ton.  They were all bigger flowers and they were great to have on hand.  Well, last Sunday, my little Jet did her hair for church and went on the hunt for a flower.  She couldn't find any.  After some digging we only found three.  Three!  We had a ton, now we have three!  And, all were too big and not her "look" anymore.  She's not 9 anymore after all!

She wanted something daintier and more sophisticated.  She didn't use those exact words but I knew what she meant. She's almost a teenager after all.   So, it was time to re-vamp the idea and make some new hair accessories and here's what I did...

Cute, right.  Dang it!  I'm kind of addicted to making them again.  You can see the first tutorial Here:  Flower Tutorial #1  Those were bigger and I used felt and larger hair clips.  Since these are smaller I eliminated the felt and clips and just used bobby pins instead.  Here's what I did...

Supplies:  You will need the following:
 - polyester fabric like lining material or satin
- bobby pins
- seed beads
- thread & needle
- scissors
- candle & tweezers

Step 1:  Start by cutting your fabric into three small circles of different sizes

Step 2:  Light your candle, and using your tweezers, hold each circle near the flame - NOT in the flame and move it around so that the edges of the circle are singed and melted.  They will kind of curl up, you want that to happen.

Here's what they look like after they are singed. 

Step 3:  Stack them up and choose the color of seed bead you want

Step 4: Thread your needle and starting from the bottom, run your needle through all three layers and through the bead.  I do this a couple of times just to make sure the bead is secure.

Step 5:  Finally, just turn it over and sew your flower on to the loop at the end of the bobby pin.

And there you go.  They are so easy to make and because you can buy this fabric for pretty cheap and it comes in lots of different colors, you can make a bunch of them.  

My older daughter liked them with three seed beads instead of just one 

and, look how cute they look in action.  You could wear just one or group them together like shown on my Bug. 

Ok, I'm off to make more.... catch ya later!


jaki said...

ooh! love these!!
Thanks for showing us just how easy they are :)

Mika said...

Pretty! I want to give it a go!

Linda said...

Those are adorable!!!

Laura said...

Love them grouped together - reminds me of watercolour paintings! :)

Jeanine H said...

Absolutely perfect! Also love the lined up ones, just as they are on display...lovely!