Feb 14, 2013

The Valentine I Never Made and More

One night last week, after the lights were turned off and I was comfortably spooning in my coma-inducing blanket with my Fred - his name isn't Fred but that's what I call him sometimes - I struck up the following conversation.

Me:  "Tomorrow I'm going to make a Yoda valentine."
Fred:  no comment, just silence
Me:  "It will be cool.  It's going to have Yoda on it and it will say - 'Yoda love of my life'."
Fred:  no comment, just silence
Me:  "Do you get it?"
Fred: no comment, just silence

Then after what felt like a very long pause he said...

Fred:  "Very amusing you are!"

And then I laughed and fell asleep thinking of different ways to make a green Yoda look valentiney.  That's as far as I got with it. It was just an idea that never became more than an idea.  Maybe next year!


In other news, I have to share something fun that touched my heart today.  My daughter, who is 15, went to school today to find her locker decorated.  It was quite a surprise and it made her day!  She begged and pleaded with me via text all morning to tell her who it was.  I knew a little but not a lot so I withheld the information for as long as I could.  It was torture on her!

In the end, the locker was decorated by a group of 7 boys.  These boys are from our church and they tracked down and decorate the lockers of all the older teenage girls in our ward. (Our congregations are divided geographically into what we call wards) These girls go to different schools all over our town and even into the next town so this was no small task.  It took them several hours and none of the girls knew they were doing it so all of them were surprised. 

(7 pretty dang awesome boys  - check out those decorating skills! And, in case you are wondering, yes, the faces are blurred intentionally.  I don't have a problem showing my own kid's faces but since these boys aren't mine, well... you get the idea.)

Can you imagine being a 15 year old girl and finding your locker decorated anonymously on Valentine's day?  So fun!

So, here's the deal.  As a mom - this makes me so completely HAPPY!  Every day when I go to the high school to pick my daughter up, I watch the kids exiting the school while I wait.  There isn't much compassion or kindness shown in those kids.  So, for these 7 boys to go beyond themselves and think about how it would make these girls feel, means a lot.  Their actions were simple but it spoke volumes as to what kind of boys they are.

They put a lot of effort into make several teenage girls feel special and unique.  I know today is a day that my Miss M will always remember.  Everything from the surprise of first seeing it as she walked down the locker bay to wondering - for hours - who it was.  It was a perfect act of kindness that was so completely beyond awesome and a great reminder that one person (or 7) can make a huge difference for good.  It also fits nicely with what I truly believe - KINDNESS MATTERS!

Thank you boys, you rock!  


And, last but not least.  Just a reminder that the silent auction for Dawn is up and running.  I will happily ship my jewelry to you if you feel like helping out a mom in need and want to bid.  You just put your bid amount in the comment section and the highest bid at auction close, wins!  I have three necklaces up for bid.

Here's the link:  Silent Auction for Dawn

Happy Valentine's Day!