Feb 7, 2013

Best Valentine Ever & My New Friend

Guess what?  I was given the best Valentine cards ever.

My girls, Bug and Jet, participate in a program called Activities Days at church.  It's a program for girls that are ages 8 to 11 and they meet twice a month.  It's awesome as they focus on different things, some spiritual, some not.

Yesterday they made Valentines and both girls gave me their creations.  I love them.  And, honestly, I laughed so hard when I saw them.  Seems the crafting gene might not be inherited after all.

Bug gave me her's first.

She was supposed to do the eye first so it would read "I love you!" but she got a little mixed up and decided to create a card that spoke like Yoda - "You!  Love I"  

Then Jet gave me her's.

Same exact card idea.  She got the items in the right order but had issues with her "You".  So she crossed it out, got it in the right way and was soo, sooo, proud of her design.  And then she noticed she designed it with the card opening the wrong way.  Ooops!

I tell you what, and I mean this, I am the luckiest mom ever.  I have two very cute cards that are from two very cute girls who love me enough to still make me things.  I will cherish them forever.  And, from what I hear, their leaders got the card idea online somewhere.  I'm sorry I don't know where but it's a great idea!

OH, and guess what?  Remember my post about losing my friend?  If not, you can read it here...

Guess what I got this week?  Yep, that's right.  Money can buy friends after all and I think this friendship will be a good one.  

It will be good if for no other reason than because my new friend has a squiggly-loopy stitch that makes me so very happy!  Giddy almost.  I mean, what I can I say, I'm easy to please.

Thanks again for all your advice on machines. Based off of your input I was actually leaning towards a Janome but the overall package and price on the Singer was better.  So, if you need me, I'll be chillin' with my new buddy!