Jan 31, 2013

We're Expanding!

Expanding seems to be a popular word in our house lately.  It's definitely been talked about a lot with the twins and I have a little news on expanding as myself.  But let's start with the girls.

I've been asked for updates on the braces situation.  So, here's the story as of today...

There were these two really cute little girls who happen to be twins...

They not only look alike but they tend to do things at the same time, like lose teeth.

Then at the same time, they grew back those teeth.  And, those teeth were wonky!
Wonky teeth meant braces for both girls which also meant mini heart attacks for us as their parents. Braces for one is expensive but braces for two girls, who do things together, at the same time, is really expensive.
After some consultations with different orthodontist we picked the place we wanted to go but were faced with a decision.  Do we get one girl braces first and make the other wait or do we postpone treatment for both girls until we could pay for them both at once? So, what to do?  What to do?

Then, a knight in shining armor, not knowing he was a knight in shining armor, presented a possible solution to our problem.  One that meant we wouldn't have to answer those questions at all. 

Dr. Ward, the orthodontist we wanted to go to, held a Facebook contest for a chance at winning FREE  braces.  Cambree put on an ugly sweater and many of you voted.  You also helped spread the word too and now, today, with your help and Dr. Ward's kindness ... 

those two girls, who do things at the same time, got expanders put on at Ward Orthodontics.
(I love that he treated them both at the same time!)

It was pretty awesome to watch the process.  So, side note - did any of you, when you were in elementary school, unfold a metal paper clip and wrap the wire around your teeth to make it look like a retainer/braces? Ummm, ya, me neither (cough, cough).  As a parent, I would freak out if my kids did that now, so, so  dangerous. Of course the twins' expanders look nothing like an unfolded paper clips but watching them get fitted today reminded me of my youth.  I used to really want braces but never needed them.  

So, that was our day today.  The girls are both sporting expanders and are having a really hard time saying the letter "S", which honestly, I'm having fun with.  I keep asking them to say "the slippery snake slid down the slide slowly!" and then I laugh but they don't seem to mind because they still keep saying it, and of course, then they laugh too - at the same time, because they do things together.

And, after it was all said and done and those expanders were in place, guess what the twins liked most about our day?  It wasn't leaving school early.  Or hangin' with their mom.  Or shopping at Target.  It was the water bottle filled with teeth cleaning supplies that Dr. Ward gave them.  But they better watch out because their older sister is already scheming a way to steal them.  

So, that's the update.  Braces are next but the expanders have to do their job first.  I'll keep you posted and let you know when the braces actually go on.  

And, because I've been so happy with the way things are turning out, if you are in Northern Colorado and need braces, go visit with Dr. Ward.  Even if Cambree had not won, we would have gone there.  He was by far the nicest in our search and his consultation was more detailed than any of the other orthodontists we saw.  If you go see him, mention Cambree, ok?! He's helping us out and I'd love to help him grow his business in return.

So, back to the word "Expanding".  I bet you are curious how I am expanding.  Silly people. NO!  I am not pregnant but I bet that's what you thought, right?

The exciting news is that Then She Made... is expanding.  I've decided to sign on with Five Turtles.  My jewelry will be hitting the retail market and will, if all goes well, be in some boutiques and gift shops in various states.  Wahoo!  I'll still sell on Etsy but this new opportunity will help me expand!  

Oh, and since tomorrow is February 1st, it's time again to expand my file of Valentine's crafts.  See you then with another easy v-day craft tutorial!