Jan 13, 2013

Valentine Card

Here's a quickie.  This one isn't new to me, I've made something similar in years past, in fact I'm pretty sure I taught a class on it when I was teaching paper crafting classes.  It's an oldie but a goldie and I had forgotten  how much I like making my own pattern paper.  And,  playing with modeling paste is always fun.  So, if you want to make your own cards, here's how I did it.

Step 1:  Make your paper.  This is so easy.  Open a word program and just type a couple of lines of text.  Mine all says "I love you!"  Then, go in and change the font on each statement so that you have it written in several different font styles.  Then, just highlight the two lines of text, copy them and then paste them.  Repeat this process until you have filled up the full page.  Next, just print it out on card stock.  Seriously, it's that's easy.

Step 2:  Gather your supplies.  You will need the following...
- your printed paper
- modeling paste
- red paint
- heart stencil
- paint brush
- painters tape
- black cardstock
- white cardstock
- Adhesive, glue stick or something

Step 3:  Cut your paper.  I just cut mine into fourths but your could cut yours up to be any size you want.  I did fourths because it makes a good size for cards and fit the stencil I was using quite nicely.

Step 4:  Tape your stencil down.  Center your stencil on your printed paper and use a low tack tape, like painters tape, to hold it in place.  

Step 5:  Mix your paste and paint.  Take a small amount of modeling paste and put it in a small container.  Next, add some red paint and mix well.  Remember that red mixed with white will go pink so keep adding more red paint until you get the color you desire.

Step 6:  Paint it on.  Carefully take a paint brush and paint on your modeling paste mixture to your stencil.  Go slow and be careful so that the mixture does not seep under the stencil.

When you are done, the whole design will be covered.  The cool thing about working with modeling paste is that it is meant to have texture.  So play with it.  Add some dabs here and some dobs there.  This will help your design, when it's finished, to stand out from the paper.

Step 7:  Remove the stencil.  Before the paint mixture dries, carefully peel off the tape and lift the stencil.  Be sure to wash your stencil right away or the modeling paste will dry on it and it's hard to get off.  When you are done, you should have something that looks like the photo above.

Step 8:  Put your card together.  After your design is dry.  Adhere it to a piece of black cardstock, then attach that item to a blank white card.  Next, add your valentine message on the inside and you are all set to go.  See pretty easy.  

You could also use the modeling paste and stencil to add a design to a wooden plaque or canvas.
(I lost light before I could photograph it, but on my black plaque - which I recycled from a vinyl art thing someone gave me - I added the word "love" in white rub-ons.  It turned out cute, simple, but cute.)

And, here's another look.  If you don't want to make the printed paper, you could just make a simple design on plain white card stock.  I like the simple look too.

More Valentine's ideas to come.... stay tuned!